"Sit down, shut up and f***ing watch" - Greekgodx shares another controversial opinion on women, leaving the Twitch community divided

Greekgodx provides another controversial opinion on women (Image via- Greekgodx/Twitter)
Greekgodx provides another controversial opinion on women (Image via- Greekgodx/Twitter)

Following multiple allegations of sexism and controversial rants, Dimitri "Greekgodx" has been unbanned from the streaming platform after three days. The popular British streamer was previously banned from Twitch for allegedly twerking on stream.

However, as per most of the community, the actual reason for his temporary suspension was due to his offensive rant from the same day.

After making a splash over the course of his ban, Greekgodx is back to his usual streaming schedule. But right when everything seemed normal, the popular personality provided another polarizing take on women and left the community perplexed.

While talking about his first date plans, he boasted:

"I'll tell her sit down, shut up and f***ing watch."

Greekgodx provides yet another dubious take on women after returning to streaming

The notorious British streamer is one of Twitch's most controversial yet popular figures. Following a return from his extended hiatus in 2020, Greekgodx's streaming channel quickly gained publicity as he began sharing polarizing takes on the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines, female creators and many other topics.

With that being said, the streamer drew a lot of ire last week for his controversial comments on female streamers. He blatantly announced that women, especially female creators, who want to date him, will need to abandon their streaming careers. Mere hours after this broadcast, the Twitch streamer was hit with a temporary ban.

Following his suspension from the Amazon-owned platform, his peers and his own community accused him of being unnecessarily disrespectful towards female streamers.

The streaming community at large has been quite vocal regarding his ban, with the majority, including his own fanbase, supporting Twitch's decision. Despite all this, Greekgodx's ban was lifted after just three days.

However, within a few hours, the British streamer went on another absurd rant involving women, talking intently about his ideal first date. Outlining his expectations for the first date, Greekgodx revealed that he would like to take his partner out for fishing:

"You know what I'll do for a first date? I'll take my girl out to the f***ing sea and tell her to sit done there and fucking watch. I'll tell her sit down, shut up and f***ing watch. Watch this, I'll go out to the sea, cast my f***ing rod, catch a fish, kill a fish in front of her, get a knife, scale the fish, cook the fish and present her the fish as a f***ing token, as a token. "

Alongside this, the streamer even talked about his grandmother. Continuing his trail of thoughts, he added:

"And if she doesn't fall in love with me after that, I want another woman. Sorry bro, coz the only women I have ever caught wish for was my grandmother, and that is how it works bro. I'll hunt and provide for you."

Making everything a bit more controversial and disrespectful than it already was, Greekgodx concluded:

"Okay? if you don't f***ing open your legs for me after I cooked and caught a fish, I have cooked it for you and presented it for you , if you don't let me plant my seed after that then it is the next woman. It is next woman. You better fall in love with me after that bro. It's the end bro."

Fans react to Greekgodx's idea for his first date

Countless viewers and high-profile personalities were critical of the streaming veteran following his absurd rant. Several fans took to the comments section to express their annoyance regarding the same.

Subsequently, many even speculated that Greek is attempting to play it up for views, attention and popularity. At the time of writing, the Twitch clip has over 60k views.

Here's what fans had to say:

While Greekgodx might be deceiving everyone, his previous deplorable jibes have certainly left an indelible impression on the community, which might prove to be a big disadvantage for him in the longer run.