Guide to AP Jax in League of Legends Season 13

The reworked Jax does 370% AP damage! (Image via Riot Games)
The reworked Jax does 370% AP damage onto a single target (Image via Riot Games)

Jax is one of League of Legends' most well-known champions. He was one of the game's oldest champions, so a redesign was long needed. However, he has earned notoriety in the summoner's rift for his AP build following a well-deserved rework roughly twelve years after his champion release in patch 13.1 of season 13.

The AP build for Jax has recently been making rounds on the internet since he can deal up to 370% AP damage to a single target. League of Legends players from all over the world have been testing this build, and the amazing burst capability of this build has left everyone speechless!

Due to his powerful passive and potential to outplay 2v1 duels, Jax has long been one of the most well-known champions on the toplane in League of Legends. He is also one of the few bruiser champions that can inflict AP and AD damage, making it more difficult for opponents to stockpile resistance.


Previously, in League of Legends, Jax had a 60% AP ratio on his Q (Leap Strike) and a 70% AP ratio on his ultimate R (Grandmaster's Might). However, with the patch 13.1 revamp, he no longer has an AP ratio on his Q. Instead, he has a 100% AP ratio with a 4% maximum HP of the target on his E (Counter Strike), and his R's passive awards him 100% AP when he uses his E concurrently. (With an additional 60% AP if the auto attack procs are passive)

Many League of Legends players and content creators have shared their experiences with Jax's AP build, and it is evident that this build is highly potent. And once he reaches his powerful phase, generally in the mid-late game when he power spikes while equipped with his core items, there's no stopping him from two-shooting the foes.


This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to League of Legends Jax's AP build, covering his optimal runes, items, and gameplay.

Runes, itemization, and gameplay guide for AP Jax in League of Legends season 13

Due to his tremendous damage output, adaptability, and dueling potential, Jax is a dominant champion in League of Legends. He is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a champion that can succeed in both the top lane and the jungle.

With each basic attack or ability hit, his passive "Relentless Assault" increases his attack speed, making him a powerful force in long trades. Jax's Q ability, "Leap Strike," helps him to shorten the distance between himself and adversaries, while his W ability, "Empower," boosts his next basic attack. Making him one of the strongest bruisers in League of Legends.



Jax is a powerful League of Legends bruiser champion who likes to use the Lethal Tempo rune configuration. When a melee champion like him attacks an enemy, it offers him 60-90% attack speed for six seconds, and when wholly stacked, the attack speed may exceed 2.5 while also having a 50 attack range.

Since Jax's passive (Relentless Hunter) offers him increased attack speed, this rune setup performs best. Precision as his primary rune and Resolve as his secondary provides the optimal outcomes for Jax's AP build for all of the reasons indicated.

Given that this effect may also be sustained if he can consistently attack opposing champions, having this rune configuration gives a lot of value if one can hang onto adversaries in modern-day League of Legends.

Lethal Tempo rune setup (Image via Riot Client)
Lethal Tempo rune setup (Image via Riot Client)

Primary Rune (Precision)

Lethal Tempo - Triumph - Legend Alacrity - Last Stand

Secondary Rune (Resolve)

Conditioning - Overgrowth



Jax is one of those champions with many itemization possibilities, allowing him to have a very varied build path. He is also one of the only League of Legends champions who can construct an AD build, a hybrid AP+AD build, and an AP build without them being troll builds.

However, for his AP build, Jax has two essential items that work nicely with his freshly revised kit. Nashor's Tooth and Riftmaker are arguably the essential items for this build because they provide increased Attack Speed, stronger bursts on his E and R, nearly identical sustain, and more total sustained damage due to Nashor Tooth's on-hit and Riftmaker's passive, while also providing great scaling.

League of Legends players should prioritize Nashoor's Tooth, Tier-II boot Sorcerer's Shoes, Riftmaker, and Lich Bane, which allows Jax to enter his power spike.


Following his core items, the goal should be to build Lich Bane because it provides Jax access to Sheen, which works effectively with him, making Lich Bane a very effective item for him.

Following that, building Death Cap and Void Staff/Shadowflame should be the aim to enhance his ability power and magic penetration to do maximum burst damage.

  • Nashor's Tooth (Core Legendary Item)
  • Sorcerer's Shoes
  • Riftmaker (Core Mythic Item)
  • Lich Bane (Powerspike Legendary Item)
  • Death Cap
  • Void Staff (Opt for Shadeflame if the enemy composition has champions with shields)



When it comes to Jax's gameplay, players mustn't troll early in their game since a good adversary would never let him back into the game, as a compromised early game typically leads to a bad time for this champion.

Players should pay attention to Jax's power at level 1. Combined with the crazy value of a fully stacked Lethal Tempo at level 1, he can prove to be a very strong level 1 champion if he dodges the enemy's important ability while spacing properly to kite. It is therefore also suggested to avoid taking level-1 transactions in unfavorable match-ups. Darius, Akshan, and other names are examples.

Before making any trade, League of Legends players should always strive to have Jax's passive stack. This is to guarantee that the trades are advantageous to him, as the passive grants additional attack speed.


League of Legends players should be mindful that Jax's W (Empower) is an auto-attack cancelation animation that should be used efficiently. It also gives him 50 more range and restarts his basic attack period.

To effectively use Jax's AP burst powers before attempting to take down an opponent, League of Legends players should first auto-attack the enemy or minions to trigger his R passive on the following hit.

Then begin channeling his E (Counterstrike), leaping onto the adversary with his Q (Leap Strike), casting his W (Empower), and then finishing the E spell with his ultimate R (Grandmaster at Arms) instantly. Doing so shall ensure maximum AP burst damage up to 370%!

However, League of Legends players is advised that the AP build for Jax provides comparatively less sustainability than the AD build due to a higher burst damage output. So consider this when trying high-risk trades, as it can be quite challenging to make a come-back due to his early game being compromised.

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