Guide to jungle pets in League of Legends pre-season 2023

Understanding Jungle pets in League of Legends season 13 (Image via Riot Games)
Understanding jungle pets in League of Legends season 13 (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends' brand new item called Jungle Pets was added to the game alongside pre-season 2023. These pets are the biggest changes that have been introduced to the game and have completely altered the way through which the jungle role is played.

A brief guide has been provided in this article regarding Jungle Pets, their abilities, and the exact role they play in League of Legends. There are currently three different kinds of pets to choose from in the game.

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Each pet has its own function and understanding each of their individual abilities will hand players several advantages within the summoner's rift.

Full details regarding jungle pets in League of Legends pre-season 2023

Before proceeding with the discussion regarding specific Jungle Pets, it is important to cover the general concepts regarding these companions. These pets are not just for show, but offer unique combat options, while also helping the player in every possible way.

The various general advantages that Jungle Pets offer in League of Legends are as follows:

  • Companions will attack the targets that their owners are engaging with. These pets will perform 1 attack per second and deal 20 (+4% bonus HP) (+10% AD) damage.
  • These pets will also heal their owners by around 70% of the number provided in the aforementioned point
  • If owners attack a jungle camp from a distance then the companions will jump towards it and deal the same damage as mentioned earlier
  • The jungle pets will also provide mana regeneration to their owners equal to [(8* percent missing mana) * (level/1.3) *0.1] in the jungle

Thus, it is clear that they are quite valuable when it comes to clearing jungle camps while keeping the owner healthy. These companions come in handy with regards to enhancing the clear speed of champions, especially after the various health buffs that were provided to jungle camps along with pre-season 2023.


Jungle Pet evolution in League of Legends

Jungle Pets in League of Legends are similar to Pokemon. In other words, they need to be taken care of and evolved in order to enhance their combat potential.

The only known way to evolve a companion is by offering them treats. The various methods through which treats can be obtained within the game are as follows:

  • Large monster/champion takedown offers 1 treat
  • Jungle pets will store 1 bonus treat every 60 seconds until they reach their ultimate form
  • Jungle pets will store 1 bonus treat every 90 seconds after they reach their ultimate form
  • If a large monster is defeated while a bonus treat is available, then 2 treats and 50 bonus gold will be awarded to players.

However, as mentioned in the first line, evolving pets also help them become stronger. Here's a look at how these pets grow as they evolve through various stages.

First evolution

  • Players will deal 900 true damage through smite against monsters
  • Smite will also become usable on enemy champions and deal around 80-160 (based on level) true damage while also reducing their movement speed by 20%
  • The jungle item will continue to remain within the player's inventory
  • Smite will continue to evolve
  • Jungle pet will have visual upgrades

Final Evolution

  • Players will now deal 1200 true damage through smite
  • Players will also deal 50% of the smite damage as AoE to nearby small monsters within the camp
  • Players will also get empowered based on the companion that they have chosen

Thus, it is quite clear that evolving the jungle pet has some serious advantages. It also means that gaining a lead in the jungle is vital as the more camps a player clears, the closer they will get to achieving the final evolution for their pets.

Types of Jungle Pets in League of Legends

Jungle Pets in League of Legends are of three types – Mosstomper, Scorchclaw, and Gustwalker. Each of these has its own strengths and unique playstyles.


The abilities of the Mosstomper are as follows:

  • Players gain a 75-330 shield once a jungle monster is defeated or being out of combat for 10 seconds. The shield will remain indefinitely. Players will also gain 20% tenacity and resistance from any form of slow as long as the shield is present
  • Protection: Players will gain 30% damage reduction against monsters while they are within 1300 units distance from at least 2 allies

Thus, based on the description, it is clear that Mosstomper is for those players looking to become front-liners or tanks for their team during fights.


Scorchclaw's abilities are as follows:

  • Scorchclaw will gain Ember stacks with a rate of 3 per 0.5 seconds or 100 once a monster is killed. Once Scorchclaw reaches 100 stacks, the next attack on the enemy will deal burn damage while also slowing them and any other within 250 radii by 30%.
  • Protection Buff: Similar to Mosstomper

Thus, it is clear that Scorchclaw is valuable for Junglers willing to become damage dealers for their team.


Gustwalker's abilities are as follows:

  • Players gain 45% movement speed when inside a bush which decays over 2 seconds after leaving it. Once a large monster is killed, players gain 60% movement speed.
  • Protection Buff: Same as Mosstomper and Scorchclaw

Thus, Gustwalker will be valuable for players who are more focused on ganking other lanes and being active around the map in League of Legends.

Hence, it is quite clear that the Jungle Pet feature adds a fair bit of diversity to the game. At the same time, these pets also put players under the clock as being ahead in terms of experience and farming will help in evolving the pets faster.

The combat potential of the pets is immense in League of Legends, but they are useless if left underleveled.

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