"Having him without the helmet during the entirety of episode 2 is straight up out of character": Halo fans on Master Chief in TV series

Fans aren't happy with the amount of time Master Chief spends without a helmet in the Halo TV series (Image via YouTube/SpartanMatt117)
Fans aren't happy with the amount of time Master Chief spends without a helmet in the Halo TV series (Image via YouTube/SpartanMatt117)
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The Halo TV series on Paramount recently walked into a storm, despite only releasing two of the nine episodes. With the adaptation, it has become the latest gaming franchise to enter the world of TV and streaming. The fanbase has been divided over the show's execution and its distancing from the main lore.

Ever since it was announced that Master Chief would be showing his face, fans have been upset. Following the occurrence of the second episode, some fans are on edge with the length of time actor Pablo Schreiber spends without the Spartan helmet.


Over the several games that have been released under the Halo franchise, Master Chief has never revealed his face. Instead, the most a gamer got was a glimpse of half of his face.

While the decision in the TV series has been made with the TV audience in mind, many are upset with the decision. Even in cases where some fans have adjusted to the change, the duration of Master Chief without his helmet has vexed many.

Halo fans are not happy with Master Chief spending lengthy durations without his mask

Earlier in the day, Reddit user u/ScrapezZz posted about their reactions to Master Chief revealing his face. The user expressed that they're okay with Master Chief showing his face in the series.

But they're not okay with the screen time Master Chief spends without the helmet. The user also added that some of the moments when the iconic character takes off the helmet make little sense.

While such claims can always have personal preferences, many Halo fans were in sync with the above user. One user shared their thoughts about a specific moment from episode 2, which for them was also out of the character's original mold.

Another fan responded to the above scene by stating that many, including them, didn't like the scene.

Some fans are quite angry about how the execution of the TV series has been so far. They believe that the writing is really poor and a spartan holding a civilian against the wall can damage the latter.

Perhaps the writers have forgotten the difference between Robocop and a spartan, or at least one fan thinks so.

There's a belief that the decisions for the TV series have been made, keeping the lighter audience in mind. It might still be failing its objective, as one fan expressed. They pointed out that the decisions being made by Master Chief in the TV series will look strange to even somebody who doesn't know the lore.

One fan can't even relate to the Master Chief being shown in the series because the writers have made it cringy.

A major problem seems to be around the interpretation of the iconic Master Chief. Had Paramount decided to go with a different character altogether, things could have fitted well with the fans.

One fan even compared the Halo TV series to the Mandalorian. The fan believes that not removing the helmet could backfire on the audience.

The above point was countered by the main character in Mandalorian, who rarely removed his helmet. This is the entire point of anger for fans about how much time Master Chief spends without his helmet.

The execution of the series and character design of Master Chief has led to fans concluding that the makers hardly understand the lore.

Paramount has two particular audiences for its Halo TV series - the franchise's hardcore fans and casual TV viewers. While it's understandable that they have gone in with a different approach for TV viewers, it has disappointed the hardcore fans. This decision could backfire massively in the coming days when more episodes are released.

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