How to activate lift at Grand Lift of Dectus in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players can activate the lift using two Dectus Medallions (Image via WoW Quests/YouTube/FromSoftware)
Elden Ring players can activate the lift using two Dectus Medallions (Image via WoW Quests/YouTube/FromSoftware)
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Journeying the Lands Between in Elden Ring, players will often hear and, eventually, come across the Grand Lift of Dectus. Soon after finding it or listening to NPCs talk about it, the unfortunate truth is apparent: it does not work.

A lift isn’t a lift unless it’s working, so activating the Grand Lift of Dectus is necessary and possible. To do that, users will need items: the Left Dectus Medallion and the Right Dectus Medallion.

With both Dectus Medallions in hand, the Grand Lift of Dectus is activated and will take Elden Ring gamers to Altus Plateau.

Elden Ring: Activate Grand Lift of Dectus with Left and Right Dectus Medallions

Where to find Left Dectus Medallion


Readers may already have the Left Dectus Medallion in hand, considering its location is relatively close to the start of their journey in Elden Ring. Along the east coast of Limgrave, on the edge of a cliff, is Fort Haight. This is where the Left Dectus Medallion is located, just southeast of Mistwood Ruins.

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After entering Fort Haight, players can make their way to the left and up the stairs, then up the wooden stairs. Make a right at the top of the steps into a watchtower and climb the ladder. At the top of the watchtower is the Left Dectus Medallion in the nearby chest.

Where to find Right Dectus Medallion


The Right Dectus Medallion is a bit out of the way, over in the Caelid region. That’s to the east of Limgrave. If users are still at Fort Haight and haven’t visited Caelid yet, they may travel north along the coast until they reach the region. If gamers spot the glowing Erdtree in the distance, they’re headed in the right direction.

Fort Faroth is located in Dragonbarrow. If that sounds intimidating, it’s because dragons roam this area. Readers should stay atop Torrent to avoid them. On the map, Fort Faroth is slightly south of the glowing Erdtree.


Players must take care while inside Fort Faroth. It’s home to flying enemies, poison, and it’s hard to see. Upon entering, they should head to the left until they come to a watchtower. Climb the ladder to the top and collect the Right Dectus Medallion from the nearby chest.

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Users can return to the Grand Lift of Dectus and use both medallions. The lift will activate and take them to the land of Altus Plateau.

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