How to add friends in The Cycle: Frontier

A promotional image for The Cycle: Frontier (Image via YAGER)
A promotional image for The Cycle: Frontier (Image via YAGER)

The Cycle: Frontier is a first-person shooter game that combines aspects of PvE and PvP.

The free-to-play title is described as a competitive quest shooter. Players take on the role of a Prospector, who are mercenaries trying to complete contracts on the planet Fortuna 3.


The shooter doesn't have to be a solo adventure. Squads of four can get together to take on the PvEvP game, going against human-controlled players and treacherous wildlife alike.

Adding a friend in The Cycle: Frontier

A look at the Friends List (Image via YAGER)
A look at the Friends List (Image via YAGER)

Adding friends is super easy, no matter what store the game was purchased from. Both Epic Games Store and Steam users can play together as long as they can share each other's in-game names.

Here is how to add friends:

  • Load into The Cycle: Frontier
  • Press the Tab key to open the Friends List
  • Get the username of the friend being added
  • Be sure to get the full name and the numbers tacked on at the end
  • Type their name in the search section and press Enter to search for it
  • Press the button to add the friend when they appear after searching
  • The friend request will be sent and it will be up to the friend to accept it

Accepting a friend request can be done from the same Friends List after pressing the Tab key. Any friend requests that are pending will show there and players can select to accept or decline.

How to play with friends

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Any action that deals with friends can be done from the Friends List. Options for inviting them to play or accepting invites from them will show up on the list if they are still online.

Here is how to invite friends to play:

  • Press Tab while playing The Cycle: Frontier to open the Friends List
  • Navigate to the Online Friends section
  • Select the Invite option next to their name
  • This can be done to up to three friends to make a Squad of four
  • To accept a Squad invite, nagivate to the Received Squad Invites section
  • Select the Accept option to join the Squad from the invite received

It truly is simple to play with friends and travel around the world of Fortuna 3, completing contracts and overcoming the challenges the game delivers around every corner.

Known bugs that affect playing with friends

Hey Prospectors! 🛠️We are aware of several issues happening in your experience. We're aiming to release a hotfix tomorrow and an additional patch at a later date to address these. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work on getting these fixes out to you!

Players have been running into some issues with the Friends List during the early moments of the game's full launch. There are problems with friends simply not showing up or the Steam servers having trouble.

Here are some known issues, but be advised that none of these have a known permanent fix as of right now:

  • Friends that are online are often appearing as offline, so double check with that friend to see if they truly are playing or not
  • A workaround for that has been found by players allowing public invites to their Steam profiles, but this hasn't worked for everyone
  • An issue has been brought up where Steam randomly goes offline mid-game, kicking players out of the server, and seeing them lose all progress
  • The developers have acknowledged this problem, but there is no fix yet

This is just a warning for The Cycle: Frontier players who want to create a Squad with their friends. There's a strong chance that they may run into some issues that YAGER needs to fix.

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