How to catch Slaking in Pokemon GO

The Lazy Pokemon (Image via Niantic)
The Lazy Pokemon (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO remains one of the most popular mobile games on the market since its explosive debut back in 2016. As has always been the case, players are on a quest to catch them all, and every creature on the list is an asset.

Slaking was introduced way back in Generation III, first appearing in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. He's the final form of Slakoth and is known for his lazy demeanor. In his original games, he's valued for his high HP and Attack skills, along with his destructive moves including Uproar and Focus Punch.

Pokemon GO: Players can catch Slaking in TCG events

Pokemon GO is constantly updating its events, introducing tons of new gameplay challenges and rewards. Players will find new ways to capture existing creatures as events choose to make them more available.

Slaking has been in the game since last year, but the current TCG event provides a couple of options to catch it. Players were previously stuck wandering around hoping to stumble onto Slakoth, but now they have better methods.

One can seek out various three-star raids during the TCG event. Slaking appears pretty frequently among these events, but there's no pattern to its arrival. Try out a variety of raids and hope for the best.

Players will also have a chance of encountering Slaking as part of the Catch 40 Pokemon research task. While this is a self-explanatory mission, it has a fair chance of bringing the player into contact with Slaking.

One can still look for Slakoth, whether the TCG event is ongoing or not. The Slacker Pokemon is not as useful as its final form, but farming a ton of them will eventually cause evolution.

Using Slaking in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO creatures are only measured by three stats and their total combat power (CP) is a key feature. At level 50, Slaking features an immense CP score and a couple of great stats.

Slaking's level 50 stats are as follows:

  • CP: 5,010
  • Attack: 290
  • Defense: 166
  • Stamina: 284

Without a Mega Evolution, Slaking remains an immensely powerful Normal-type Pokemon. Its great HP and heavy attack values make it very dangerous if it can survive enemy attacks.

Slaking is a bit unorthodox with its moves. Its only fast attack is Yawn, which does not do damage to the enemy. Instead, Yawn gathers a fair amount of energy for a few devastating charge moves. This mirrors Slaking's laziness and tendency towards strong retaliation after being attacked.

Slaking's best-charged moves are Hyper Beam and Play Rough. When playing offensively, such as against gyms, use Hyper Beam for maximum DPS. Hyper Beam takes a while to charge but deals way more damage than every other option.

Conversely, use Play Rough when playing defensively. Play Rough has a two-bar charge and requires less energy. This allows Slaking to attack more often while dealing less damage with each strike. It's a lower DPS, but it'll deal well with weaker opponents and glass cannons.

Slaking is a great option in Pokemon GO. Players should move quickly to get it, as the TCG event ends on June 30.

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