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How to download Minecraft on PC?

  • Minecraft is the second best selling video game of all time, and perhaps the most popular game of the last decade.
  • It is available on the PC in two different versions: Java Edition, and Bedrock.
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 08 Jun 2020, 18:18 IST
Minecraft on Microsoft Store
Minecraft on Microsoft Store

There is simply no other game as popular and better selling than Minecraft, except for Tetris. Minecraft is the second best-selling video game of all time.

Minecraft is by far the biggest game that came out in the last decade. One would not assume much from the blocky graphics of the gameplay, but Minecraft is indeed a masterpiece.

Taking the concept of an 'open-world' to its very extreme, Minecraft is indeed the very definition of an open-world game. The only thing limiting your success in Minecraft is your imagination. If you can think of it, you can probably build it.

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People have built some truly magnificent architecture in Minecraft such as this architecture posted by u/Cornbass. It is a full-sized reconstruction of Minas Tirith from the Lord of the Rings.

Minas Tirith in Minecraft (picture credits: pcgamesn)
Minas Tirith in Minecraft (picture credits: pcgamesn)

Perhaps no other game can even compare to matching the level of freedom and scale of Minecraft as it is only limited by the player who's playing it.

How to Download Minecraft on PC?

Minecraft Java Edition
Minecraft Java Edition

For those who are looking to play Minecraft on PC, there are two distinct versions of the game:

  • Java Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition (commonly known as bedrock)

While the Bedrock edition has some content that the Java edition does not, it does not have the updated combat systems. This is why it might be better to download the Java Edition, as it is a relatively better experience with an active modding scene and allows for crossplay.

Download Minecraft Java Edition from this link.

So jump into one of the most popular games ever in the history of gaming and build right away!

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Published 08 Jun 2020, 17:57 IST
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