How to farm Pirate Coins fast in Lost Ark and where to spend them

Lost Ark Pirate Coins guide (Image via Smilegate)
Lost Ark Pirate Coins guide (Image via Smilegate)
Abhishek Mallick

Like any MMORPG, Smilegate’s Lost Ark too comes with its own set of in-game currencies, each with its unique set of properties and uses.

One such currency in the game right now is the Pirate Coins, and many players who are new to the game are a bit curious as to how one comes to acquire these coins and what they are generally used for.

Pirate Coins become quite a valuable resource once players unlock naval transportation. As they further progress into the main narrative, they will be able to start collecting the coins and trading them in for a lot of materials.

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From Basic Timbre to Crew Application Forms, there are a lot of things that players will be able to invest their Pirate Coins in. This database lists all of the purchasable items, and the total materials that can be bought is a lot, as these are primarily used to upgrade the player's crew, as well as the ship.

So how can Lost Ark players quickly rack up more Pirate Coins?

Lost Ark Pirate Coins guide

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Pirate coins can be traded at any merchant ship that the player comes across. These ships are usually denoted by a blue Trading Line Label and sell materials that will help adventurers have a better naval experience in the game.

Now to consistently obtain the coins, here are a few steps that will help players quickly rack up a sizable amount of the currency in the MMO:

1) Complete Marine Events regularly


Completing Marine Events are one of the biggest sources of Pirate Coins. These quests are regularly scheduled and adventurers will be able to access them from the Stopwatch panel while sailing.

The events can also be found via the Voyage tab, and players will receive a sizeable amount of Pirate Coins upon completion.

2) Going through all of Una’s Tasks


Another great way of collecting Pirate Coins is by completing all of Una’s 8 tasks on a daily or weekly basis. Much-like Marine Events, this too offers a good deal of Pirate Coins for players to cash in.

3) Procyon’s Compass limited-time event


Lost Ark also has a limited-time event called Procyon’s Compass that offers adventurers a lot of Pirate Coins for completing the Island quests during it. The islands spawn all around during the event.

4) Defeating Ghost Ships


Defeating Ghost Ships while sailing is another way of collecting Pirate Coins. It’s represented as a subsection of the Marine Events, and by destroying these ships, adventurers will not only be able to get coins but other valuable resources as well.

5) Fishing can net coins instead of marine life


While not as reliable a method of getting Pirate Coins, fishing can also help players get their hands on a fair bit of the currency. These occur accidentally while fishing, so it’s something that adventurers are recommended to spend too much of their time on.

6) Coins give coins


Pirate Coins can be purchased by investing in other forms of in-game currency as well. Coins like Gienah’s Coin, Arcturus’s Coin, Sceptrum’s Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coins are some of the currencies that can be traded in for it.

Lost Ark offers a vast and exciting naval experience and Pirate Coins are used to make sailing the seas a very memorable one in the MMO.

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