How to find Meldspar Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Mining to battle monsters (Image via Capcom)
Mining to battle monsters (Image via Capcom)
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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings a ton of new content to the latest game in Capcom's beloved action RPG franchise. Like the previous game's Iceborne, Sunbreak is a huge expansion with new and old monsters, locations, and gear for veterans and newcomers to experience.

Crafting is a huge part of the franchise formula. Players have to constantly improve their gear and build new weaponry to keep up with the game's challenges. Most crafting elements are taken from the bodies of slain monsters, but others must be found in the large open world through digging, picking, or mining.

How to mine Meldspar Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak players may already have some Meldspar in their inventory because it has been in the game since its launch. There were two great places to mine for this rare element, but the new expansion has added a third.

The Lava Caverns is the most reliable spawn point for Meldspar Ore in the game. Take the narrow tunnels underneath the main area and approach every mining opportunity for a chance to find Meldspar.

The Flooded Forest also features a good number of outcrops that occasionally contain Meldspar. Players should hover around landmarks eight, nine, and 11 and approach the outcrops marked on the map regularly.

Finally, the expansion introduces the Citadel area, which features Meldspar. Players have found Meldspar in almost every marked mining outcrop in that area, so players should try looking there often.

Any player hoping to rack up Meldspar should ensure they have at least three points in Geology. Furthermore, bring a couple of Palicos. It would be a shame to hit a rich vein and be unable to carry all the spoils of the venture. Palicos can carry extra items, so handing them Meldspar is a good way to ensure nothing goes to waste.

How to use Meldspar Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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There are a ton of pieces of gear that will require several units of Meldspar Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Almost every upgrade path for a piece of gear in the game will require players to go out and mine.

Many Master Rank missions will be close to impossible if players are not using upgraded gear. From armor sets to weapons, most upgrade paths require between two and five units of Meldspar Ore.

Any player who hopes to compete in the higher Master Level challenges brought on by the new expansion must upgrade their tools. Meldspar Ore is one of countless pieces of upgrade materials to increase the stats of weapons and armor.

Any crafting recipe will require more than one unit of ore. Many will require five or more, so players will have to find a great deal of this rare material if they have a lot of pieces to upgrade.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak players love optimizing their builds, and this piece of material is key to that. Players only need to wade into the right environment and mine the right outcrop to get all the ore they can carry.

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