How to fix Monster Hunter Rise from crashing on PC

Players are having issues with the PC port (Image via Capcom)
Players are having issues with the PC port (Image via Capcom)

Since Monster Hunter Rise has been ported to PC from the Nintendo Switch, players have been experiencing issues in the form of game crashes on PC. However, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact problem.

To fix Monster Hunter Rise from crashing on PC, it is best to perform a sweep of various solutions, varying between small and large. If you have felt the crashes and bugs firsthand, try any and all of these fixes.

Probable solutions for fixing Monster Hunter Rise crashing on PC

Quick/minor solutions to try first


The last thing gamers would want to do is something drastic like uninstalling the game. Instead, players are advised to start small and work their way up. Minor solutions include:

1) Double check that your system can run the game; compare your hardware with the game’s PC requirements

Never purchase a game your PC can’t run. Both the CPU and GPU should, at the very least, be at the minimum requirements. Anything less would be a waste purchase.


2) Adjust the game’s graphics settings

If your PC is capable of running the game, make adjustments to the graphics settings. Start at the lowest settings, then enable settings along the way. The ideal frame rate would be around 60 FPS (frames per second), but 30 FPS should also be acceptable.

3) Add Monster Hunter Rise (and any files associated with it) as an exception to your anti-virus software

It isn’t uncommon for specific files to be blocked by your anti-virus. It does not mean Monster Hunter Rise has a virus. If any number of files are blocked, the game won’t run as intended. All files and folders associated with the game should be made an exception.

4) Enable administrative permissions for MHR

Giving Monster Hunter Rise administrative permission can cause a similar problem as anti-virus software does. It restricts the game from accessing necessary files to run. By enabling administrative permissions to MHR, the game is allowed priority and, hopefully, runs as expected.

Major solutions

Mount up, monster hunter (Image via Capcom)
Mount up, monster hunter (Image via Capcom)

If none of the minor fixes work, the problem is likely rooted in a corrupted file or outdated software like drivers. Major solutions include:

1) Update your PC’s graphics drivers

An outdated driver between your PC and GPU can cause significant issues. It can lead to frequent game crashes. Installing a driver update can fix bugs that may be hindering the way the GPU handles tasks.


2) Ascertain the integrity of the game files in Steam

In Steam, there’s an option to scan a game’s files for integrity. In other words, it locates corrupted files and, if any, and downloads fresh copies to replace them. You’ll find the option in the game’s Local Files within Steam.

3) Uninstall and then reinstall.

If all else fails, then uninstall and reinstall Monster Hunter Rise. It’s possible Steam’s scan couldn’t fix (or missed) problematic software. A fresh install should do the trick.

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