How to get a bigger locker in Splatoon 3

Getting a bigger Locker in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
Getting a bigger locker in Splatoon 3 (Image via Nintendo)

When it comes to allowing players to personalize some of the in-game features, Splatoon 3 seems to outdo both of its predecessors.

The latest franchise entry allows players to customize a wide range of items and elements in the title, including their Inkling’s hairstyle, Splashtags, and even their lockers, whenever and as many times as they want.

The more time players spend obtaining new milestones in the shooter, the more collectibles that they get their hands on, which will help them customize the game in multiple ways.

Currently, the locker room is one of the most personalized spaces in Splatoon 3, and players get to decorate it with various cosmetics that they unlock while playing.

While the locker unlocks very early on in the Splatoon 3 narrative, players will not be allowed to decorate it with too many things right from the get-go. Before they are able to fully customize their lockers, fans will need to get their hands on a bigger one.

Today’s guide will go over what players are required to do to get a bigger locker space in Splatoon 3.

Getting a bigger locker in Splatoon 3


A bigger locker is something that many Splatoon 3 players are eager to obtain in the franchise's latest entry, but it is not possible early on in the game.

Players will have to make a significant amount of progress with their character in order to unlock it as they progress through the narrative and make their way up the ladder in Anarchy Battles.

To get a bigger locker in Splatoon 3, you will be required to:

  • Reach level 15 with your character. This is the first and the primary requisite for obtaining a bigger locker in Splatoon 3. However, getting to that level will require a fair amount of grinding, and only after you have invested a good deal of time in the various game modes that the shooter has to offer, will you finally accumulate enough XP to reach there.
  • One of the best ways to gain levels in the shooter is to play Anarchy Battles, which is one of the most reliable sources of XP in-game. Winning the multiplayer ranked mode, in particular, will net you far more XP that what you normally would receive.
  • Apart from winning Anarchy Battles, you should also invest in food items from Crab-N-Go as well as invest some resources in the Marigold'en Garden Greens in particular, as these will double the XP that you and your teammates will receive for each match.
  • After finally reaching level 15 by using all of these methods, you will then need to head back to the locker area, where you will see that the previously small locker has now auto-upgraded itself into a bigger one.
  • With more space, you will now be able to add more decorations to the space and fully customize your locker in whichever way that you want. Additionally, as the customization option is available all the time, you will be able to keep changing your locker’s style whenever you want.

To fully enjoy the perks of a large locker, players are advised to get their hands on some free decorations by completing various stages of the story mode. While one can buy locker decorations from the shop, the ones acquired through the campaign are faster to get early on.