5 best Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3

The most versatile and useful Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3 (Image via Splatoon 3)
The most versatile and useful Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3 (Image via Nintendo)

There is much more to Splatoon 3’s combat than meets the eye. While Main Weapons are the primary attraction for matches, Sub Weapons are equally important and add a flavor to the shooter’s overall gameplay.

Sub Weapons allow players to add more versatility to their gameplay and use them as utility items to make the most of their inking.

They are there to support the main weapons and often catch enemies off-guard, making them one of the most useful tools to make winning modes like Turf Battles and Anarchy Battles significantly easier.

While all the Sub Weapons are great in Splatoon 3, with each excelling in particular playstyles, some weapons are more versatile and potent than the rest.

Today’s guide will talk about the five best Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3 and what makes them a cut above some others.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

The most versatile and useful Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3

1) Curling Bomb


Curling Bomb has been a fan favorite for quite some time in Splatoon 3, and the Sub Weapon works an awful lot like the real-life Olympic sport. However, there are key differences between the two, with one being that the Curling Bomb in Splatoon 3 can be fitted with an explosive device that bursts, spewing ink everywhere.

This Sub Weapon is a bit difficult to use and will take a fair amount of practice and finesse to make the most out of it in PvP encounters.

The distance that Curling Bombs fly depends on how long players hold them. Hence timing the distance with the detonation is one of the more challenging aspects of its mechanics.

Additionally, when thrown, the Curling Bomb will leave a trail of ink behind that players will be able to swim through.

2) Suction Bomb


Suction Bomb or Plunger is another incredibly versatile Sub Weapon that players should start using more often in Splatoon 3. It’s a very simple Ink explosive with various uses depending on the situation the player is in.

Unlike some of the other ink bombs in the game, the Plunger does not bounce, fly, or detonate immediately; instead, it sticks to where it's thrown at and detonates after a brief moment.

What catches players off-guard about the Suction Bomb is its area of the explosion, which is a lot more than one might think it to be when looking at the Sub Weapon.

It’s quite a versatile tool to keep in one’s arsenal, as getting the timing right on detonation can turn the tides of battle to the player’s favor.

3) Squid Beakon


For more utility-based gameplay, players can opt for Squid Beakon, a more supportive tool than the previous two entries. This Sub Weapon does not go “boom,” spreading gallons of ink all around, but it is a strategic tool players can use to outmaneuver their enemies during PvP matches.

Squid Beakon is a weapon that a player can launch on the battlefield, functioning as a free spot, which the player and the rest of their teammates can Super Jump to.

Squid Beakons can provide an incredible strategy in which a player can deploy it behind enemy lines, allowing the rest of the team to Super Jump to it, effectively catching the enemies off-guard.

However, the weapon is a bit difficult to use, and for it to be successful, all the players on the team need to be on the same page.

4) Ink Mine


Ink Mines are incredibly deceptive to spot when planted and can catch enemies off-guard if they are not careful about where they are stepping.

Ink Mines can easily be hidden in any pool of ink in Splatoon 3; however, it needs to be of the same color. This is one of the reasons why the Ink Mine Sub Weapon is so hard to counter and is one of the most popular tools in an Inkling’s arsenal in the shooter.

The mine also does a lot of damage and can often Splat an unaware enemy almost instantly. However, if it does not kill the enemy, it marks the target who set it off, giving players a small indicator and signal regarding their location.

This will allow the player or any one of their teammates to swoop in and finish the Splat.

5) Torpedo


Like the mines, the Torpedo is also quite difficult to counter in Splatoon 3. While it acts like some of the homing weapons in the game, the Torpedo comes with key differences. Before homing onto an enemy, the Torpedo stops midair for a brief moment and homes into the enemy closest to it.

The only way to counter it is to spot it and shoot it down while it’s in mid-flight. While, in theory, it sounds elementary to achieve, it’s one of the hardest maneuvers to pull off, especially in the heat of battle.

Most enemies will not be aware of the incoming missile that is about to Splat them, even when they catch a whiff of the ping that the Torpedo emits when closing in on its target.

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