How to get the Mimic Tear Ash in Elden Ring

This is one of the most powerful summons. (Image via FromSoftware)
This is one of the most powerful summons. (Image via FromSoftware)

One of the best Ash Summon Spirits in Elden Ring is the Mimic Tear Ash, and there aren't many that compare when it comes to damage and defense. The summon allows players to use another copy of themselves that can dish out tons of damage and even heal sometimes.

Players will surely hear about the power of the Mimic Tear Ash, but getting a hold of it can be a long process due to its location. On top of that, players will also need a Stonesword Key to access the item itself. As long as players follow the right path, the journey is straightforward.

Obtaining the Miminc Tear Ash summon in Elden Ring

Make sure to bring a Stonesword Key. (Image via FromSoftware)
Make sure to bring a Stonesword Key. (Image via FromSoftware)

Simply put, getting a hold of the Mimic Tear Ash to summon in Elden Ring will require the player to access the Eternal City of Nokron. The area is optional and is tied to a boss. A quest followed through a good chunk of the game overall.

Reaching the city takes time, but players can quickly run to the summon item they want.

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Mimic Tear Ash summon location and process:

  • Defeat the boss called Starscourge Radahn, an optional demi-god, to get access to Nokron.
  • Find the entrance to the city in the Mistwoods of Limgrave, where a star has fallen.
  • Head down into the crater and to the start of the city. Players will be faced with a mimic boss.
  • Continue through the ancestor woods that are past the bridge and towards the entrance to the main city.
  • Jump down from the rooftops until the main chapel location is in reach. The Black Whetblade will be in the right building.
  • To the right of the Whetblade, there is a hallway. Walk down it and use a Stonesword Key to access the Mimic Tear Ash within the chest.

Players need to take out an enemy in the room, but it can be killed quickly, especially with a backstab.

How does the Mimic Tear Ash work in Elden Ring?


Unlike most other summons in the game, the mimic summon requires players to use HP rather than FP to use it. The ash takes about 50% of health to summon. Hence, Crimson Tears will be needed.

Once in a fight, the mimic will be an exact copy of the player. This means the same armor, the same weapons, and even grease items. It's one of the most powerful options in the game and can quickly even the odds.

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