How to get the Vertus Pet in Lost Ark

Tame the tiny beast (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Tame the tiny beast (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark is one of the most beloved MMOs on the market thanks to its countless hours of content and endless options for customization. One of the most beloved aspects of the game is the many pets that can be tamed and raised by players.

One can gather a wide variety of small cute animals that will be by their side as they traverse the world and battle enemies. Among the most sought after is the Vertus, which came with an update in April.

Unlocking the Vertus pet in Lost Ark

Vertus is a powerful Raid Boss who takes the form of a massive quadrepedal dragon. A much smaller and more charming version is available now to players willing to take on the challenges.

To begin seeking out the Vertus pet, players must purchase the premium version of the Lost Ark Pass, which was released in April. Players have until June 18 to buy that pass and set out on its quests.

Once players have bought the pass, they have until July 14 to complete the tasks laid out. Players must reach level 30 on the premium track to unlock the Vertus Pet Selection Chest and pick their favorite color.

Each day with the pass, players will be given a constantly rotating suite of challenges to complete. Doing those tasks rewards one with XP towards the pass level. Reaching level 30 will take quite some time because XP is capped at 500 per week.

The premium level of the pass will run the player 1,500 Royal Crystals. Players with no crystals will find themselves unable to buy 1,500 clean. A 2,200 Crystal bundle is on sale for $19.99, so they will be spending a fair amount of cash on this path.

The Lost Ark Pass progression path

🐉Storming Red Dragon and ☄️Spear Meteor!Which ultimate skill do you take on your Glaivier?

After buying the pass, players must be set to work on the many tasks to unlock their chosen pet. The deadline is fast approaching and the XP cap isn't high, so Lost Ark players who really want Vertus should move quick.

There are a variety of normal missions that can be completed every day, with respect to the level cap. Normal pass tasks include:

  • Complete 3 Daily Una’s Tasks (+30 XP)
  • Clear 2 Chaos Dungeons (With Aura of Resonance) (+30 XP)
  • Clear 2 Guardian Raids (with Soul Harvest) (+30 XP)
  • Clear 2 Abyssal Dungeons (+50 XP)
  • Particapte in 3 Proving Grounds Team Deathmatch Matches (+30 XP)
  • Particpate in 3 Proving Ground Team Elimination Matches (+30 XP)
  • Obtain Chaos Gate Rewards (+50 XP)

There are also roster missions that can only be done once per season. Roster tasks include:

  • Play Instrument 20 Times (+50 XP)
  • Repair Gear 20 Times (+50 XP)
  • Perform 30 Frontal Attacks (+30 XP)
  • Perform 30 Back Attacks (+30 XP)
  • Perform 10 Counterattacks (+100 XP)
  • Exchange 1200 Una’s Tokens (+100 XP)
  • Use Bifrost or Ocean Liner 20 Times (+50 XP)
  • Use 20 Flares (+50 XP)
  • Repair Ship 5 times (+50 XP)
  • Take 2 Screenshots in Selfie Mode (+50 XP)
  • Use Recovery Battle Item (+50 XP)
  • Attempt to Hone your Gear 20 Times (+300 XP)
  • Fuse Gems 30 Times(+100 XP)
  • Attempt Skill Tree Transfers 20 Times (+100 XP)
  • Complete 20 Stronghold Dispatches (+100 XP)
  • Spend 4000 Life Energy (+20 XP)
  • Enter a Secrect Dungeon (+10 XP)
  • Obtain Ghost Ship Rewards twice (+50 XP)
  • Obtain Adventure Island Rewards 3 times (+40 XP)
  • Obtain Field Boss Rewards 3 times (+50 XP)

By taking on these tasks and minding the level caps, Lost Ark players can rise through the ranks. Just finish that list to get the desired pet.

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