How to hide HUD in Hogwarts Legacy

Alter the HUD elements from settings menu (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)
Alter the HUD elements from settings menu (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)

Hogwarts Legacy is on the verge of release, and fans are excited to see what the game offers. Players are beginning to see the game's coverage, and the initial response is mostly positive. Hogwarts Legacy's open world is a breath of fresh air as it is ripe for exploration and rewards players with secrets tucked away in every corner.

One can soak in this experience by eliminating the HUD elements that block the view. Hogwarts Legacy comes bundled with tons of accessibility options. Fans can even hide some HUD elements and increase their immersion. Players can turn off the Tracking Icons, Spell HUD, Minimap, and more from the settings tab in the 'Field Guide.'

Hiding the HUD in Hogwarts Legacy for added immersion


Hogwarts Legacy features a sprawling magical world designed to be explored. It is thus natural for players to remove some HUD elements from the screen to strengthen their immersion. Rest easy, as Hogwarts Legacy provides many options to tweak your HUD and only have the bare minimum indicators on your screen.

You can hide the HUD by executing the following steps:

  • Open your field guide menu.
  • This will give you many options like gear, inventory, map, etc. Go to the settings tab located to the right of the 'Challenges' section at the bottom.
  • A side menu pops up on the screen. Scroll down to 'User Interface Options.'
  • Here you will find many options to adjust the HUD elements.
Select settings from this field guide menu (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)
Select settings from this field guide menu (Image via Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)
  • These include Minimap, XP/Level Up Notifications, Quest Notifications, Tracking Icons, Enemy/Target Info, Special Notifications, Tool Wheel HUD, Mount Controls, Enemy Damage Numbers, Health/Ancient Magic Meter, and Spell HUD.
  • Feel free to toggle them on or off based on your preferences.

Hogwarts Legacy contains tons of side quests that involve examining your surroundings. Minimizing the HUD icons thus enriches the overall experience of the game. This holds for the traversal aspect as well. Flying across the world in your broom or a magical mount feels sublime with a clean HUD.


You can also expect to solve puzzles and uncover mysteries in this wizarding world. This will involve examining clues, using appropriate spells, and clearly understanding your environment to avoid activating traps. Minimal HUD can be a blessing in such scenarios.

The game comprises four significant houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. You can explore common rooms meticulously designed according to their themes and color palettes.


Hogwarts Castle is a vast exploration area in itself. It is packed to the brim with collectibles like field pages that are hidden adeptly and can be obtained using an Accio spell. You can also use Revelio to locate all the collectibles in your vicinity.

Hogwarts Legacy has some outdoor areas like the Forbidden Forest and more. You will be exploring them during the various side missions in the game. There are tons of character interactions and specific backstories that you can learn by merely conversing with each of them.


The game contains a variety of cosmetic items that you can try out for your in-game wizard. The best aspect of this magical RPG is the ability to change the appearance of your desired gear while retaining the stats of another item. You won't have to keep hoarding them in your inventory as once you acquire gear, their appearance can be changed despite selling or discarding them.

Hogwarts Legacy deluxe edition owners are already dipping their toes in the game, starting today, February 7, 2023. Fans who opted for the standard edition will have to wait a couple more days until the game releases on February 10.

The title garners a positive reception from media outlets and reviewers. Fans also admire the early glimpses of the game and are keen to get their hands on it. Despite the absence of significant characters from the Harry Potter lore, Hogwarts Legacy manages to etch a unique identity.

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