How many ranks are there in Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Mode

Players of Apex Legends Mobile can participate in ranked mode (Image via Respawn Entertainment)
Players of Apex Legends Mobile can participate in ranked mode (Image via Respawn Entertainment)

Apex Legends Mobile is a fun game that can be enjoyed both casually and competitively. While players will have to go into the ranked mode if they want to earn better badges in the game (unlike console and PC Apex Legends), there are quite a few differences. For one, in casual mode (Battle Royale), players will not be ranked down for losing a match.

With low stakes, players will also be able to face much easier opponents via the game's matchmaking system. Once players start getting into ranked mode, they will begin climbing through the ranks and start to face much more difficult opponents in battle. This article will list out the various ranks that players can reach in Apex Legends Mobile.

All about Apex Legends Mobile Ranked Mode

When first playing Ranked Mode, players will start out in the lowest rank, which is known as Iron Rank. This is a mode where players will be able to acclimate to the game's competitive nature and figure it all out with minimal risk. There are two modes that players can choose to participate in for Ranked Mode. These modes are First-Person Perspective and Third-Person Perspective.

Each one of these modes offers a different view of the battlefield and involves vastly different combat. First-Person Perspective is the standard Apex Legends experience, where players will duke it out in a classic first-person shooter format. However, Third-Person Perspective is quite a different experience as it allows players to see around corners and more. But it still goes into first-person view when the player uses iron sights.

What are all of the ranks that players must climb in Apex Legends Mobile?

After going through a few placement matches in the Iron bracket of the Ranked mode, players will finally begin to earn their chops. Here, they will advance to the actual lowest rank in the game, which is the Bronze Tier of Ranked play. From this point, players will need to earn placement points, which they can receive by completing various objectives within the game. The ranks players must climb are as follows:

  • Bronze - Starting Rank
  • Silver - 1200 RP
  • Gold - 2800 RP
  • Platinum - 4800 RP
  • Diamond - 7200 RP
  • Master - 10000 RP
  • Apex Predator - Top 750 players

How to earn points to rank up to the next level in Apex Legends Mobile

Once players have begun their journey into Ranked Play, they will need to earn points to advance to the next rank. Each tier is divided into 5 levels. For example, Bronze Tier has Bronze V to Bronze I. The same goes for Silver Tier and so on, except for Apex Predator, which is broken down by the actual rank of the player. To advance, players can earn points by completing certain objectives within the game.

In the game, Apex Legends Mobile players should first understand that they are ranked based on their performance. Kills give RP, surviving longer gives RP, and winning, obviously, gives the most RP. Players can actually lose points if their team is killed too early, so finishing later into the game is highly recommended. By netting a positive RP score through kills, rank and wins can increase the player's tier to reach the next level.

However, players should know that this is not a journey that can be taken lightly and may take a very long time. Usually, grinding to higher ranks will require a coordinated team to accomplish.

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