How many times has xQc been banned from NoPixel's GTA 5 RP server?

GTA RP server is one of the most prominent online servers (Image via xQc/Twitter)
GTA RP server is one of the most prominent online servers (Image via xQc/Twitter)

Twitch star Felix "xQc" is one of the most watched streamers on the purple platform, racking up over 11 million followers.

However, being at the top of the charts for so long has downfalls and consequences. The broadcaster has a reputation for being excessively outspoken and has often been banned from the GTA 5 RP server.

xQc's adventures as Jean-Paul in GTA 5 RP are extensive and lucrative, providing his viewers with all kinds of thrills, amusement, and entertainment. However, the Canadian streamer has a long streak of getting kicked out of the server for various reasons.

From breaking multiple rules to allegedly knocking down several role-players using his vehicle just for fun, he has designed his character Jean-Paul to be a troublemaker from the very beginning, much to the delight of his viewers.

That said, xQc has been banned five times on the GTA 5 RP server for various reasons.

Exploring xQc's NoPixel GTA 5 RP server bans

His first suspension on the server came in February 2021 after getting accused of breaking several in-game rules and knocking down other role-playing characters with his vehicle.

Initially, the ban was said to be permanent. Still, it was registered incorrectly, giving the Twitch streamer the perfect opportunity to make his comeback to the title in the middle of his perma-ban.


It lasted ten days. During this time, the online star tried out other GTA RP servers, including the Grand Theft Auto SSB World RP server, but quickly returned to his favorite one.

The following month, Felix was struck with his second ban, much to the surprise of his viewers. This time, he accused a user of driving slowly to make his appearance on xQc's stream last longer.


Upon arrest, the internet personality used a cheat code that allowed him to carry weapons when handcuffed and killed two in-game cops, which is against the rules. This was also speculated to be a perma-ban, but after he publicly released a statement accepting his mistake, the ban was lifted a few days later.

The third ban is probably the most egregious one. During his usual gameplay, Felix's in-game character killed a user role-playing as a cop in the game. However, the officer in question ended up telling the other in-game cops it was Felix who killed him.

As a result, he was apprehended in-game, after which he was handed a 224-month sentence. The punishment made him frustrated, and out of anger, the Twitch phenomenon accused the other player of "metagaming."

This led to his chat viewers hopping onto the chat of the person who shared the information. As readers can imagine, xQc was accused of motivating his chat viewers, resulting in his third ban on the server.

The matter went so viral that former professional player Michael "Shroud" chimed in to question his peer's actions and even suggested that he should be permanently banned from the server for not respecting the game's basic rules.

The third ban was also marked as permanent, but, much like the previous two times, he somehow managed to get out of it safely.

Soon after, the Twitch streamer was hit again with a suspension, this time due to another in-game exploit. It lasted for a total of 30 days.

This was one of the longest bans for xQc and also received quite a lot of criticism from viewers. However, much to their surprise, the former Overwatch pro returned to the server only to receive his fifth ban within a few days for eliminating yet another cop from the game.

Fan making fun of xQc's GTA RP ban series (Image via Twitter/AR1)
Fan making fun of xQc's GTA RP ban series (Image via Twitter/AR1)

Despite all the controversies, hate raids, and even bans, it seems like xQc always manages to come back. His popularity on the Amazon-owned platform is indisputably dominant, and fans need not worry about anything.

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