How to master Baptiste in Overwatch 2

Mastering Baptiste in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mastering Baptiste in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Baptiste is back in Overwatch 2, and some welcome changes make him a much more interesting support character in Blizzard's FPS game's new iteration. Baptiste is the healer version of Soldier 76, capable of doing a little bit of everything, including keeping himself alive. However, his biotic rifle is what makes him the most useful.

Aside from dealing damage, it can also throw healing grenades over long distances. Baptiste is a hybrid attacker and support healer who uses a biotic rifle.


When compared to the original Overwatch, Blizzard significantly increased his damage output, to the point where one can play Baptiste as a DPS character while waiting for his healing abilities to recharge. The launcher has a lot of recoil but it has quick reload times as well.

Becoming proficient with Baptiste in Overwatch 2

His basic healing ability generates a small regenerative field that heals a significant amount of health at first and then less over the next few seconds. An ally only needs to touch the field once to get the long-lasting effect, and because it temporarily increases Baptiste's speed, he can quickly touch his entire team to help heal everyone.

His Immortality field ability in Overwatch 2, which creates a field that prevents anyone inside from dying, is equally valuable. Enemies can target and destroy the field, but it can help their allies survive a difficult encounter or at the very least provide a distraction while they flee.


Baptiste is best used in groups with the rest of his team to maximize his abilities, such as Immortality Field and Bionic Grenades for AoE healing. To maximize the Hero's kit, players can fire both his primary and alt-fire at the same time.

Baptiste should typically be positioned in the center of the team to use his Exo Boots to launch upwards and provide some aerial healing and support in Overwatch 2. It can also be used as an escape maneuver to gain some height and get away from enemies.

The key to playing Baptiste well is knowing when to use Immortality Field correctly, as doing so can mean the difference between triumphing over the enemy team or being wiped out by a barrage of enemy ultimate abilities. To protect the team, it is best to wait until a powerful ultimate, such as D.VA's Self-Destruct, Genji's Dragonblade, or Doomfist's Meteor Strike, is used as a defensive maneuver.

AOE is present in all of Baptsite's healing in Overwatch 2. Whether one uses his alternate fire or his healing ability, they will be saving a lot of people in a pinch, including the healer Hero as well. He should only use his alternate fire to heal others and his Regenerative Burst in emergencies.


Baptiste's alternate fire has a bursting AOE that heals allies within ten meters. Given that this is a team-versus-team game, it's easy to see why the Hero is one of the best options for keeping teammates alive. If the team stays together, he'll be able to ensure that no one falls into critical condition.

Instead of focusing on one Hero, the AOE of Baptiste's healing allows him to keep the entire team alive at the same time. Using his Exo Boots in conjunction with his alternate fire is ideal.

Baptiste is a fan favorite because he can easily mow down enemies very quickly if he chooses to focus on damage rather than healing. Of course, this is usually a bad idea for a support Hero since he's there to help and heal teammates, not to kill enemies.


However, he doesn't have the gun for no reason. It's critical to strike a balance between contributing to the fight, defending himself, and ensuring his team's safety.

The Immortality Field protects the team from the most powerful abilities in Overwatch 2. Save this for when the opposing team's ultimate is used. If players have a tank or a DPS who is decimating the enemy team and racking up kills and damage, they should save that person at all costs.

Unfortunately, Baptiste in Overwatch 2, cannot perform to his full potential if his team does not cooperate. Everyone must be grouped together for him to heal efficiently, all teammates must remain within the Immortality Field, and all must pass through an Amplification Matrix for it to have any effect.

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