How to master Mercy in Overwatch 2?

Mastering Mercy in Overwatch 2(Image via Blizzard Entertainment)
Mastering Mercy in Overwatch 2 (Image via Blizzard Entertainment)

Mercy has seen a few changes since the transition to Overwatch 2. The developers have been working on making Mercy's famous Super Jump more accessible and valuable. With these changes, and Overwatch becoming free to play, some players will need to learn or relearn a few things.

Mercy is an original Overwatch hero with a low difficulty level. Regardless, if players want to advance to the competitive ranks or be well-regarded by peers, they must learn battle tactics to take them to the next level.

Mastering Mercy in Overwatch 2

While Mercy is not in her mech, she has her Caduceus Blaster, a pistol sidearm similar to the one used by Overwatch 2 Tank Hero D.Va. However, it can only do significant damage at close range. Mercy can't take much damage, so its use is highly situational.


It's best used when Mercy is alone and facing down non-Tank enemy heroes with low health, and it can be a liability in most other situations. Mercy is not a Damage Hero and should not be played as one.

Overall, Mercy players will find that casting Caduceus Staff's damage-boosting beam on one of their allies increases their damage output significantly. Damage and Tank heroes can frequently deal far more damage than Mercy with her blaster. So in most cases, Mercy should boost her teammates and deal a lot of indirect damage rather than taking potshots with her sidearm.


Like other Overwatch 2 Support heroes such as Moira, Mercy requires players to strike a careful balance. Mercy's Caduceus Staff is the most consistently good part of her kit, allowing her to target a single ally and either heal or damage them with a beam. Players must be prepared to switch between the two as they are both helpful.

Using the Caduceus Staff's healing beam in intense head-to-head battles where her team is under pressure is a lifesaver. Mercy can keep her team's Tanks stable by absorbing damage, while Damage Heroes flank and eliminate enemy Support.


Mercy's Resurrection ability is perhaps her most recognizable ability. It is one of Mercy's hallmark abilities in Overwatch 2, allowing her to resurrect a single recently eliminated teammate.

Players should be aware that Resurrection takes several seconds to complete and can be interrupted if Mercy is killed in the process. As a result, players should exercise caution when resurrecting teammates. A poorly timed attempt at Resurrection can leave Mercy's team without a healer and in worse shape than before.

Mercy's Guardian Angel ability allows her to fly to nearby allies and is critical to her movement. Usually, this allows Mercy to reach allies in desperate need of assistance quickly, but it's also useful for players looking to flee quickly. Mercy can dart in and out of danger, healing quick-moving allies like Genji and Tracer before returning to the safety of her team's shields and barriers.


Mercy's ultimate power, Valkyrie, is also beneficial, even though it is far less flashy than other ultimate abilities. When used, Valkyrie grants Mercy unrestricted flight, allowing her to fly around the battlefield like a guardian angel. Mercy's Caduceus staff gains the ability to chain heal and boost her team when used, significantly increasing her support capabilities.

It's less noticeable than Reaper's Death Blossom ultimate, but when used correctly, it's no less powerful. Mercy can use Valkyrie to quickly provide whatever her team requires, allowing a struggling team to gain momentum for another forward push.


Mercy's primary role is to support her team by providing healing, damage boosts, and Resurrection when needed. While Mercy has the most healing utility of any Support hero in Overwatch 2, it's also worth noting that she can do a lot of indirect damage by boosting her teammates who are currently in those roles.

As a result, she's one of the game's most adaptable heroes. Unlike some Damage heroes, such as Sombra in Overwatch 2, she can easily fit into almost any team composition that players can concoct in Overwatch 2.