How to obtain or craft Flares in Lost Ark

Official artwork for Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
Official artwork for Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)

Lost Ark is the second RPG Amazon has published, following closely behind New World. The game features a wide variety of monsters to fight, quests to complete, and loot to collect. However, much like every other game with a long catalog of items, players may need a few pointers when it comes to finding specific objects.

One of the items players are trying to go after is the Flare. This item has the effect of marking Raid Monsters in a certain radius. Though it may sound trivial, it actually has a lot of utility in a game, especially one as open as Lost Ark. This lets players in the area know that someone is attempting to fight a Raid Monster and is requesting assistance.

In games like Lost Ark, players will often draw aggression from powerful monsters without intending to do so. As such, having the ability to mark powerful enemies as a sort of S.O.S. request to other players may be a crucial feature to have at one's disposal, especially for those who are new to the genre.

A list of methods to acquire Flares in Lost Ark

1) Selection chests

An official screenshot from Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
An official screenshot from Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)

These chests are by far the best way to get these Flares. They give players a variety of items as well as the spotlight one in question. While they can acquire these chests by leveling up or purchasing them, they can get these chests from daily log-in rewards as well, which makes them accessible for everybody.

Chests with Flares grant five of them on average. Players who have already cashed in their daily log-in rewards may already have these items in their inventory.

2) Crafting in a Stronghold

A player's Stronghold in Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)
A player's Stronghold in Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate)

Players that have reached level 25 may already be familiar with the Stronghold mechanic. For those who are not, Strongholds are player-built bases that serve as a hub for storage, crafting, and leveling up their characters. Having a Stronghold is often the most reliable way to craft in Lost Ark.

To craft three Flares, players must have at least 20 Natural Pearls and 35 Wild Flowers. A crafting cost of 1,200 silver must also be paid upon doing so. To get Natural Pearls, players must invest in the Fishing life skill. To get Wild Flowers, they must invest in the Foraging life skill.

3) Alchemist NPC


The Alchemist NPC is found in most major cities in Lost Ark. This method of crafting is most useful for players who choose not to invest themselves in the complex base building mechanics the game has to offer. However, it should still be mentioned that Stronghold crafting is much more efficient.

The crafting recipe for Flares stays the same between the stronghold and Alchemist method. The only difference in the recipe comes in the form of crafting costs. Unlike the stronghold crafting cost of 1,200, the crafting cost from the Alchemist is increased by 300 and sits at a total of 1,500.

4) The Market

A screenshot of the market (Image via Smilegate)
A screenshot of the market (Image via Smilegate)

The final way players can find Flares is by purchasing them in the market with gold. While almost anything can be purchased from the shop, prices tend to differ drastically between items. However, Flares tend to stay cheap due to their low rarity.

Players can typically purchase one of these from the market for 5 gold each. However, the price may inflate, making it cost more than usual. Players are not encouraged to spend more than 10 gold on a single Flare unless they absolutely need to.

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