How to obtain the Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery in Elden Ring

Obtaining the Explosive Ghostflame in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring and Fredchuckdave/YouTube)
Obtaining the Explosive Ghostflame in Elden Ring (Images via Elden Ring and Fredchuckdave/YouTube)

Elden Ring is filled with some of the most amazing Death Sorceries that the Tarnished will be able to come across as they explore the secrets of the Lands Between.

Death Sorceries use Ghostflame, which is capable of inflicting a significant amount of damage to enemies, especially if they are resistant to that type of attack (enemies that use holy spells). One of the most powerful Death Sorceries in the RPG is the Explosive Ghostflame, which will allow the player to strike the ground with their staff and trigger an explosion of Ghostflame that burns the surrounding areas.

The spell, however, will require 42 Intelligence and 30 Faith to wield, and it scales incredibly well with both these attributes. Hence, it’s one of the reasons why players who are making mages and sorcerers out of their Tarnished consider this Explosive Ghostflame to be one of the best end-game spells in Elden Ring.

However, the Sorcery itself is quite tricky to come across, and many community members are finding it rather difficult to get their hands on it.

Obtaining the Explosive Ghostflame in Elden Ring


The Elden Ring Tarnished will unfortunately not be able to get their hands on the Explosive Ghostflame early on in the Elden Ring narrative.

Players will have to wait till they reach the late game and make their way to the Mountain Tops of the Giants to obtain the Sorcery.

Here's how players can get the Explosive Ghostflame in Elden Ring:

  • Players will have to make their way to the Consecrated Snowfields by activating the Grand Lift of Rold. To be able to do that, the Tarnished must first piece together the two halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. One piece can be found in the village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia of the Lakes, where they will need to talk to an NPC disguised as a pot. The other half can be found in Castle Sol, present on the Mountaintops of the Giants, where players must first beat the boss Commander Nial to obtain it.
  • After making their way to the Consecrated Snowfields, players will need to make their way to the north of the region till they come upon Ordina, Liturgical Town. From there, they will need to make their way further northwest till they find a lake, beyond which they will see a mausoleum casting long-range spells on them, and then a Church of Marika.
  • It’s important that players activate the Site of Grace there before they move on to deal with the mausoleum. Deactivating the mausoleum is important here as the structure constantly keeps firing spell missiles at players, making it quite difficult to explore the surrounding area. Hitting its legs and cleaning it of all rubble will bring it down and deactivate it.
  • From the Church of Marika, players will need to explore the surrounding area a bit till they come across the Death Rite Bird field boss encounter on the river. It’s important to note here that the bird will only appear at night time, and players can use the Site of Grace at the Church to change the time.
  • The Death Rite Bird can be an incredibly challenging encounter based on the type of build that the players are going for. The boss hits incredibly hard and can take the Elden Ring Tarnished out in the blink of an eye if they are not careful. It might take players a few tries to get used to his movesets. Upon defeating the enemy, players will be automatically rewarded with the Explosive Ghostflame

The Explosive Ghostflame is an amazing spell to have in a mage’s arsenal in Elden Ring, and the sorcery comes incredibly handy during both PvE and PvP situations in the game.

While it does have a rather high FP cost (which sits at 36), many feel that the Explosive Ghostflame's pros outweigh its cons.

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