How old was Technoblade when he started YouTube? Exploring YouTuber's glorious career as he passes away

Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passed away after a ten-month bout with cancer (Image via Technoblade/YouTube)
Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade passed away after a ten-month bout with cancer (Image via Technoblade/YouTube)
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Fans and members of the Minecraft community are mourning the loss of Technoblade, a popular Minecraft YouTuber who recently passed away at 23. His death was announced on his YouTube channel on June 30 in a video where Techno's father read his parting message to his fans.

The YouTuber announced in August 2021 that he was diagnosed with a sarcoma, a malignant tumor, in his right arm. After unsuccessful radiation therapy and chemotherapy, he faced potentially having his arm amputated before undergoing a successful limb salvage operation in December 2021.

Nearly a year after his diagnosis, he passed away due to stage 4 cancer.

In his last message to his fans, Techno thanked them, saying that he wouldn't do anything differently regarding his YouTube career.

"If I had another hundred lives, I think I would choose to be Technoblade again every single time because those were the happiest years of my life."

How old was Technoblade when he started YouTube?

Technoblade created his YouTube channel on October 28, 2013, when he was 14. Minecraft remained the focus of his content over his nearly nine-year YouTube career, frequently playing minigames such as BedWars and SkyBlock on the Hypixel server.

His channel took off in 2019 when Techno was 20 and six years into his content creation career. He was a frequent participant in Drama Alert host Keemstar's "Minecraft Mondays," winning the event four times.

He also began competing in Minecraft Championship tournaments alongside other content creators whom he would collaborate with, winning twice in the process.

Techno joined the Dream SMP server, an invite-only Minecraft server on which numerous prominent content creators would play. He would frequently collaborate with Dream as their fanbase stoked the flames of a friendly rivalry between them.

In August last year, Technoblade returned from a hiatus to announce that he had been diagnosed with cancer. He said he had been feeling pain in his right arm that he believed to be a repetitive stress injury.

After testing, it was revealed that the pain he was experiencing was caused by a sarcoma, a malignant tumor.

He continued making content after his diagnosis, reaching 10 million subscribers towards the end of 2021. He thanked his fans and told them that hitting that mark was a goal he had when he first made his YouTube channel.

When I was 13 I decided to get 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Today, after 8 years, 2 months and 3 days:100%

In April 2022, the American joined OfflineTV members Disguised Toast, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae as voice actors for the Hannya Squad in the English dub of the anime Tribe Nine.

The anime made headlines for featuring Twitch streamer and rapper Corpse Husband as the voice actor for a recurring character. It built momentum by getting other content creators to make cameo appearances.

It was an accomplishment Techno seemed to be proud of, as his Twitter bio still reads "famous voice actor."

His last upload before his passing was on April 2, as was his final tweet. On June 30, an upload was made on his channel featuring his father announcing the death of his son, sharing his parting words with fans and his own feelings.

The video also ends with a message from Techno's mother, reflecting on her son's life and thanking fans for being there for him through it all.

Technoblade will undoubtedly be missed but left a lasting impact on the Minecraft community and the world during his time.

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