How to unlock Dizzybloom Dango in Monster Hunter Rise

Cats serving Dango in MHR (Image via Capcom)
Cats serving Dango in MHR (Image via Capcom)
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Dizzybloom Dango is an item that makes it easier to stun monsters in Monster Hunter Rise.

Players acquire the Dango Slugger skill when using the Dizzybloom Dango. Monsters that are stunned are way easier to hit, so using this item is a great way to make battles go by quicker.


To unlock it, the "Bunny Dango โ€” with Eggs!" request needs to be completed. This can only be done after you have unlocked 5-star Village Quests in Monster Hunter Rise.

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How to complete "Bunny Dango โ€” with Eggs!" in Monster Hunter Rise

Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter Rise (Image via Capcom)
Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter Rise (Image via Capcom)

Finishing this specific quest will make the Dizzybloom Dango available in the canteen. You must speak with Yomogi the Chef in Kumura Village to begin the mission.

The goal of "Bunny Dango โ€” with Eggs!" is to locate a Rhenoplos Egg and deliver it to the Main Camp Supply Box. Start by making your way to the lower portion of Area 11 in Sandy Plains.

A player approaching a Rhenoplos Den in Monster Hunter Rise (Image via Capcom)
A player approaching a Rhenoplos Den in Monster Hunter Rise (Image via Capcom)

Rhenoplos Eggs can be harvested from Rhenoplos Dens. This is a nest-like node found exclusively in the aforementioned Sandy Plains. In Area 11, the den is next to a large pillar that can't be missed.

Once you have obtained a Rhenoplos Egg, move back up to the high ground and follow the path south. This can be done with Wiredashing, as it keeps the Egg from cracking, but allows you to move faster.

Don't jump from high points as falling will break the egg and you will have to start over. If you don't fall from a high spot on the map, you can wiredash before you hit the ground to prevent damage from the fall.

The completed quest log for "Bunny Dango — with Eggs!" (Image via Capcom)
The completed quest log for "Bunny Dango โ€” with Eggs!" (Image via Capcom)

Here are some other tips to make the journey back to camp with the Rhenoplos Egg less difficult:

  • Peepersects: Peepersects can be found all over. They cut stamina consumption in half, allowing you to move quicker for longer periods.
  • Flashfly: If you get spotted by an aggressive monster, use Flashfly to blind them and stop them from pursuing. These can be found in Shrine Ruins and Sandy Plains.
  • Wirebugs: Wirebugs also spawn throughout the map. This is how you Wiredash and can hold onto an extra one, making your dashing capabilities go even further.

It is not a terribly hard quest to complete in Monster Hunter Rise. It is more time-consuming with the long journey back to the Main Camp more than anything. Once it is delivered, Dizzybloom Dangos will be unlocked.

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