How to unlock all Return to Monkey Island achievements?

Return to Monkey Island (Image via Devolver Digital)
Return to Monkey Island (Image via Devolver Digital)

Guybrush Threepwood’s latest adventure, Return to Monkey Island, has become a phenomenal hit since its release. The game takes place right after LeChuck's Revenge and follows Guybrush's journey to find the Secret of Monkey Island.

Developed by Terrible Toybox with series creator Ron Gilbert returning, Return to the Monkey Island was released for PC and Nintendo Switch and is the sixth mainline installment in the iconic LucasArts' point-and-click adventure. The series is known for its cheeky humor set during the golden age of piracy and its self-aware nature.

With that being said, let's take a look at the different achievements players can unlock in Return to Monkey Island.

What are the achievements of Return to Monkey Island?

While Return to Monkey Island is a point-and-click adventure, there are quite a few achievements for players to unlock along with the story, as well as a few hidden ones.

The following achievements will be unlocked while starting a new chapter:

Chapter related achievements

  • Part One - Started Part One.
  • Part Two - Started Part Two.
  • Part Three - Started Part Three.
  • Part Four - Started Part Four.
  • Part Five - Started Part Five.

The following achievements are unlockable as the story progresses, from Prologue to Part Five:

Prologue achievements

  • Pegleg - Fulfilled Your Restroom Obligations.
  • Lucky Duck - Shared Your Luck.

Part One achievements

  • Fan Service - Convinced Cobb To Tell You About LOOM.
  • Cartography Nerd - Thoroughly Examined All Of Wally’s Stock.
  • Hey Wait! - Freed Otis.

Part Two achievements

  • Super Swabbie - Swabbed The Hold Twenty Times.
  • Neat Freak - Listed Every Mess On The First Swab’s Report.

Part Three achievements

  • Tight Ship - Decked Out The Sea Monkey II With Spooky Skulls.

Part Four achivements

  • Trophy Fisher - Became A Prize Chum.
  • Patient Citizen - Waited Patiently To See Carla.
  • Promise Keeper - Did Gullet A Favor.
  • Dental Samaritan - Gave Stan His Toothbrush.

Part Five achievements

  • Free Wally - Rescued Wally From Monkey Island.

Players can unlock these achievements throughout the campaign by completing the following tasks:

General achievements

  • Bragging - Told Everyone On Mêlée Island That You Are Looking For The Secret.
  • Bookworm - Found All The Copies of ‘At The End Of The Plank.’
  • Speed Runner - Reached The End In 2 Hours Or Less.

Guybrush can find different Trivia Cards as collectibles throughout the story. The following achievements are related to the Trivia Cards:

Trivia Card related achievements

  • Card Collector - Collected More Than Twenty Trivia Cards.
  • Trivia Go Getter - Answered Ten Trivia Questions Correctly.
  • Trivia Master - Answered Twenty-Five Trivia Questions Correctly.
  • Trivia Grand Master - Answered Fifty Trivia Questions Correctly.
  • Trivia Lord - Answered Seventy-Five Trivia Questions Correctly.
  • Trivia Overlord - Answered One Hundred Trivia Questions Correctly.

The following achievements are hidden achievements, and as such, players should be aware of a Spoiler Alert before taking a look:

Hidden achievements

  • Mop Heist - Attempted to Steal The Cook’s Mop.
  • Mop Top - Got hired with all four mop heads.
  • Hot Headed - Braved the Scorched Alaska.
  • Dead Dead Dead - Dead Dead Dead - Hidden. No Description.
  • Relief Pitcher - Offered to donate to the earthquake relief.
  • On The Lam - Let the lumpsucker escape.
  • Ahoy There - Explored the entire ocean floor.
  • Cogg Island - Returned to the world you know.
  • I Don’t Believe - Found Cogg Island.
  • Deep Sea Diver - Explored the entire ocean floor.
  • Not Bitter - Got To The Heart Of The Problem.
  • Flag Facsimile - Performed The Ole Switcheroo with the Replica Flag.

Return to Monkey Island is available on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and macOS via Steam. Players can check out Return to Monkey Island and all the other games in the series today.

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