How to unlock Symmetra in Overwatch 2: Abilities, Class, and more explained

How to unlock Overwatch 2 Symmetra (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to unlock Symmetra in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Symmetra in Overwatch 2 is a unique hero with interesting and deadly abilities. She uses light to reshape her own reality and has the ability to protect teammates, engage enemies, and also retreat to safety. She formerly lived in Utopaea, India, according to the Overwatch lore.

Overwatch 2 is globally available for everyone to enjoy as a free-to-play game. Blizzard Entertainment released the title as a sequel to the previously popular hero-shooter game, Overwatch, which came out in 2016 and made its mark in the esports scene.

Here is how to unlock Symmetra and a short explanation of her abilities in Overwatch 2.

How to unlock Symmetra in Overwatch 2


Symmetra is a Damage Class Hero. She utilizes a photon projector as her primary weapon. She is able to deploy autonomous turrets that shoot enemies in their effective range. The hero can also teleport using one of her abilities in short range. They are useful for chipping damage on enemy players throughout any game mode.

The hero will be locked for new players in Overwatch 2. Fortunately, it is quite easy to unlock her. One can add her to their hero pool by winning a total of 20 games in any game mode.

Symmetra’s abilities in Overwatch 2


Symmetra can be a constantly disrupting character who keeps inflicting damage on enemy players, be it with her weapon or her abilities. Here is a list of her abilities with a brief explanation:

  • Photon Projector (Primary Fire): She uses a weapon that utilizes the power of light itself to damage enemies. It fires a continuous beam of light at enemies and increases damage over time when hitting enemies.
  • Sentry Turrets (L-Shift): She can deploy up to three turrets on the map that damage and slow enemies in their range. Placing a new sentry destroys the oldest one to maintain the maximum number of turrets on the map.
  • Teleporter (E): She can create two temporary portals on the map and use these portals to instantly travel between the two points on the map.
  • Photon Barrier (Ultimate): She deploys a map-wide vertical light barrier. Teammates can shoot through this barrier but enemies cannot. However, the latter can cross the barrier freely if they wish to.

How to play Symmetra in Overwatch 2


Symmetra is a hero for players who like to take a fight only when absolutely necessary. Her ability allows them to remotely place turrets and play from behind while maintaining map control for the team.

Aiming and tracking ability is paramount. Her primary weapon damage increases while constantly hitting enemies. However, the weapon compensates for its exponential damage increment by having a shorter range.

Her turrets can be utilized to take control of map objectives with relative ease. Players can deploy them from afar as they travel in straight lines and not projectile trajectories.

It is always a good idea to deploy them in entry paths above the enemy. This disorients players as they have to take fights and also shoot down the turrets above their heads.


The hero can place teleportation portals on the map that she and her teammates can use to travel over short but fixed locations. It is a useful playstyle to place one end of the teleporter near the objective and one near some cover.

It can be inversely used aggressively as well. Symmetra players can use this ability to cross behind enemy lines and flank unsuspecting support players. Taking down a support hero from the back line will likely startle the opposing team and break formation.

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