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'I was terrified because he was a legal adult': Fortnite pro 'FaZe Ewok' shares her story of sexual misconduct

Image Credits: The Verge
Image Credits: The Verge
Modified 26 Aug 2020, 16:04 IST

FaZe Ewok has achieved a lot of things at the young age of 14. She is a deaf Fortnite pro player who was the first female member of esports organisation FaZe Clan. She has also streamed exclusively on platforms such as Mixer and Twitch.

Her real name is Soleil Wheeler, and she has 306K followers on Twitch as well as an additional 139K subscribers on YouTube. Having had a brush with fame at a relatively young age, the streamer has amassed a steady fan following over the course of her affiliation with FaZe Clan.

FaZe Ewok, as a part of FaZe Clan (Image Credits: CNN)
FaZe Ewok, as a part of FaZe Clan (Image Credits: CNN)

As social media continues to evolve into a universal sharing space, the 14-year-old Fortnite star recently took to Twitter to share a deeply personal story of sexual misconduct which she experienced at the tender age of 13.

She recounted her harrowing experience on Twitlonger, where she spoke about her ordeal.

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FaZe Ewok's Sexual Misconduct story


In a lengthy post on Twitlonger, FaZe Ewok revealed how she met a 17-year-old boy, whose identity she kept anonymous, when she was only 13.

She recounted that they gradually became close at a time when she was personally struggling with depression, loneliness and low self-esteem. Her initial happiness at having someone to connect with eventually started fading away when he began to ask her for inappropriate pictures.

She stated:

"At that time, he encouraged me to send him pictures, and stuffs .....I didn’t know what to do and I thought it was for complimenting girls, the ones with low self esteems or high esteems and a pride. I thought it was validate girls or stuffs like that."

She eventually decided to cut herself off from him and decided not to confide in her parents and friends as she feared a strong reaction from them:

"I was too terrified to tell my parents because how will they react or discriminate me.. I think highly of my parents. Disappointing my parents is last thing I want."

For a while, FaZe Ewok seemed to have moved on. However, after several months, when she was 14, he texted her again, asking for her Snapchat ID. She believed that this was an opportunity to make amends and decided to forgive him.

However, to her horror, he continued to ask her to indulge in practices such as sexting and sharing inappropriate pictures.

FaZe Ewok recounted:

"Days later, he asked for stuffs again and sexted me. I didn't reply back at all. For awhile, he texted me saying he's very sorry for what he did and stuffs. I told him it was OK but I KNEW it was not at all. I felt like everything was my fault and I took the blame."

She then revealed how she confided in a friend who helped her come to terms with what had transpired. She reflected on herself and revealed why she is still careful and sceptical around men until today:

" I am really mortified, disgusted at myself and him. Again, he knew I was thirteen/fourteen that time and he took the opportunity. He is an adult and he manipulated, took advantage of and sexually assaulted me. He is the reason why I am scared or uncomfortable around men to this day."

FaZe Ewok ended her story by stressing on the importance of educating youngsters about such kind of predatory behaviour and how to safeguard oneself from experiencing what she had to go through.

Twitter was extremely supportive of FaZe Ewok and lauded her for being able to come out and share her story:


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Published 26 Aug 2020, 16:04 IST
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