"I can't wait": CS2 players excited over the possibility of 5 new maps entering the game

CS2 players excited over the 5 community maps likely to enter the game (Image via Valve)
CS2 players are excited over five community maps reportedly set to enter the game (Image via Valve)

In a recent X post, CS2 content leaker @Gabefollower showcased a few workshop maps that will reportedly arrive in Counter-Strike 2 with the upcoming update. Community maps like Thera, Memento, Assembly, Pool Day, and Mills have recently generated a lot of buzz, thanks to the leak.

The community is brimming with excitement as it’s been so long since Valve introduced something this massive. Players have expressed different opinions over the rumored new content in the upcoming patch, including maps, cosmetics, and quality-of-life updates.

One FPS enthusiast expressed their happiness over the supposedly upcoming maps. They said:

"I can't wait"

One CS2 fan suggested that Valve should remove some existing maps from the pool and introduce new community variants in their stead. They said:

"Removing mirage, dust2, inferno, nuke and vertigo and adding just new maps would be beautiful"

Another player asked a valid question regarding the availability of the Cobblestone and Cache map.

A few months ago, the community was hyped after getting a sneak peek into fan-favorite map Cache. However, after seeing @Gabefollower's leak about the new community maps, some fans were surprised that there was no announcement regarding Cache.

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A fan showing their concern about two old maps (Image via X)
A fan showing their concern about two old maps (Image via X)

Meanwhile, X user @AlinB12312 addressed the massive surge in the number of cheaters in the Counter-Strike 2 scene. They suggested that Valve fix the cheating issue first before adding different community maps to the game.

They commented:

"Just let them fix the cheating issue."

One player speculated that a new Counter-Strike 2 operation might be underway, and the reported new maps might be part of it.

Another fan acknowledged one of the maps, Pool Day, and expressed their excitement about playing the Arms Race mode. They commented:

"fy_poolday Goat update, time to play some Arms Race"

FPS community is thrilled about reported new maps ahead of the 25th anniversary of CS2

As mentioned earlier, the CS2 developers are reportedly planning to add a total of five community maps to the game, and at least one is likely to make it to the primary map pool. Apart from these maps, a plethora of other content is expected to arrive, including new keychains and customizable skins.

It's been so long since the developers introduced new maps in the live map pool. It's only a matter of time before they're added to the game, whether in the upcoming update or later.

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