Is Elden Ring an open world game?

Elden Ring is a vast open-world (Image via FromSoftware)
Elden Ring is a vast open-world (Image via FromSoftware)

Unlike FromSoftware’s previous Souls-like titles, Elden Ring is an open-world game. While their past games were unarguably large in size, they were never truly open-world—not even close. Despite that, the titles always had multiple ways of entering and leaving a given area.

When one looks back at FromSoftware’s legacy, it’s clear the studio would eventually tackle an open-world Souls-like game. Over time, games like Dark Souls would grow increasingly bigger, and their linear qualities would become less apparent.


The scope of the game is huge. It is certainly FromSoftware’s most ambitious title yet. With George R.R. Martin having a hand in the lore, players are in for a lovely treat.

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Players will have freedom to explore the Lands Between in Elden Ring


Elden Ring no longer has the hub-world design common in other titles. Instead, it has six distinct zones that blend seamlessly. Each major zone has minor and major dungeons, NPCs to interact with, and quests to discover. Not to mention hidden secrets (bosses included) and valuable loot.

It isn’t clear as of yet how big the Lands Between are, but they are big enough for Elden Ring to introduce a player mount. Early on, once players have made a pact with Melina the Finger Maiden, they are gifted with a horse named Torrent.

Not only does Torrent serve as a vehicle for traveling across the vast landscapes of the Lands Between, players can fight atop their mount. Even crazier is the fact that Torrent can also double jump. That alone should give the player an idea of just how much FromSoftware expects their fanbase to explore.

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It’s clear FromSoftware is giving players more options to explore by adding a dedicated jump. No longer does one need a running start to activate it; players also can launch themselves a few feet into the air. There’s even the option to jump off Torrent for an attack.

With that said, Lands Between is packed with content. It won’t just be castles and buildings to explore, but underground mines and tunnels as well, adding further depth to the world. There’s a level of verticality that previous Souls-like titles simply can’t match.

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