Why Bayern Munich's Robert Lewandowski is not the best striker in FIFA 22

Robert Lewandowski is phenomenal in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Robert Lewandowski is phenomenal in FIFA 22 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Like in real-world football, FIFA 22's foremost important position is the centre forward position. There are very few player items in the game as good as Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski.

The Polish goal machine was judged by many as the deserving winner of the Ballon D'Or last year and is a frontrunner this time. But being good in real life may not necessitate similarly in FIFA 22.

Like every video game, FIFA 22 has its game engine that determines how the football matches work. FIFA 22 has also introduced a new groundbreaking HyperMotion and 4000+ new animations that add realism to the game.

So, is Robert Lewandowski the best striker in FIFA 22? Or is there another option that is better than him? Also, just how good is Lewandowski in FIFA 22? Let's find out.

Robert Lewandowski player item review for FIFA 22

Robert Lewandowski stats

Robert Lewandowski's FIFA 22 player item is a 92 rated ST card that is one of the highest-rated cards in FIFA 22. The card has a Pace of 78, Shooting of 92, and Passing of 79. Lewandowski's player item has a Dribbling of 86 and Physicality of 82.


The most potent area of Lewandowski's FIFA 22 player item is surely his Shooting. With Positioning and Finishing of 95 each, this is one of the most clinical player items in the game. To support these stats, he boasts of 90 Shot Power as well.


Lewandowski is extremely strong in FIFA 22, especially for a striker. He has 86 Strength and 85 Jumping, which makes him lethal aerially. His Dribbling of 86, with a Ball Control of 88, is a bonus and helps make up for a glaring weakness he has in FIFA 22.


Robert Lewandowski has one glaring weakness in FIFA 22, which is the lack of pace. Lewandowski's player item has 78 Pace, and it may not make him a tortoise, but there are significantly faster items than him. The main issue with this has to do with how FIFA 22's meta works. With a heavy reliance on pace, Lewandowski's slower pace makes it a damper of superb player items in every other department.



Is Robert Lewandowski the best striker item in FIFA 22? We are afraid that he is not. He is not far behind, and although his lower pace can seem like a major problem, there are ways to overcome it. A few simple things like "Stay Central", playing with wide formations with excellent crossers, are just a few of the tips.

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