Is Warzone Caldera worth playing after the launch of Warzone 2?

Warzone Caldera lacks several fan-favorite elements (Image via Activision)
Warzone Caldera lacks several fan favorite elements (Image via Activision)

The original Call of Duty Warzone — now rebranded as Warzone Caldera — has resurfaced after being offline for over two weeks, allowing access only to the Caldera map and the standard Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone Caldera is no longer available as a separate download. If users have played Warzone 2 or own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, they can still download and play Warzone Caldera.


The game, however, lacks many essential elements. Warzone 2 introduced several new features, which caused Caldera to fade into obscurity and fail to thrive in the community. In the current situation, not many players find playing it to be worthwhile.

All the missing elements that affected Warzone Caldera's popularity

No duo or trio mode is available in Warzone Caldera

Only solos and quads available in Warzone Caldera (Image via YouTube/TCaptainX)
Only solos and quads available in Warzone Caldera (Image via YouTube/TCaptainX)

Warzone Caldera has only one mode: Battle Royale on the Caldera map. It can only be played with solos and quads (four-man squad), while duos and trios are not permitted.

Fans can play in quad mode in a duo or trio matchup, but doing so results in an unequal lobby, and disadvantages them in several gunfights. This is a significant setback since gathering four players at a given time is difficult.

Resurgence maps stand disbanded

Rebirth Island in Resurgence mode (Image via Activision)
Rebirth Island in Resurgence mode (Image via Activision)

Warzone's first release is no longer available. The elimination of the two cherished Resurgence maps, Rebirth Island and Fortune's Keep, is perhaps Caldera's worst drawback.

Matches in the Resurgence mode frequently last about 15 minutes or less, and players with limited free time can complete numerous matches in a single session. Additionally, it enables respawn, allowing for a more relaxed gaming experience.

Further, beginners can learn the various mechanics present in the game via this mode.

3) There is no Plunder mode


Plunder mode is another element lacking in Caldera. This mode emphasized accumulating as much money as possible, and played more like a team deathmatch. It was seen as an opportunity to have fun with friends and was more easygoing.

The ability to respawn was well-suited for beginners to understand the mechanics and terrain. But as with Resurgence, this mode is currently unplayable as well.

Even in Warzone 2, there is no Plunder mode. Fans are clamoring for its resurrection, but the developers ar yet to officially announce it.

4) No in-game store

No in-game store exclusively for Warzone Caldera (Image via Activision)
No in-game store exclusively for Warzone Caldera (Image via Activision)

Warzone Caldera also lacks an in-game store, although COD Points may be transferred between all titles, including Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Only Warzone Caldera has access to player advancement, cross-progression for Player XP and Weapon XP, inventories, Battle Pass content, weapons, store bundles, and other purchases from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), Call of Duty Warzone, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Call of Duty Vanguard.

Positive aspects of Warzone Caldera

Caldera is a great map that puts players on a tropical island in the pacific, set during the height of World War 2. The environment is colorful and features a variety of settings and topography, and there are a few dark crevices to hide in.

It also has fewer structures than its predecessor had, thus gamers should see fewer people camped out in buildings and expect more open gunfights.


Additionally, Caldera offers a variety of WW2-era weapons, such as MP40s and PPSHs, as well as the ability for players to employ the use of certain era-specific jeeps and fighter jets. There is a large section of the fanbase that adores vintage weaponry.

In the game, players will also encounter a 1940s-era landscape that includes trenches, seaside bunkers, airstrips, hangars, ancient ruins, and survey towers.

The decision to play the title depends entirely on a player's preferences. If they want an old-fashioned motif, it would be worthwhile to attempt.

Many of the essential components that fans sought in their preferred game are missing from this one. Additionally, many of them have already switched to Warzone 2, which has decreased the playerbase while increasing lobby wait times.

It is reasonable to assume that gamers who have already switched to Warzone 2 won't go back to the previous version of the game.