“It’s funny and it’s content”: Twitch streamer gets banned after harassing female streamers

A young Twitch streamer was recently banned, after harassing female streamers (Image via Sportskeeda)
A young Twitch streamer was recently banned, after harassing female streamers (Image via Sportskeeda)

A young Twitch streamer named Jaden “jaydinksttv” was banned from the platform after it became known that he was openly harassing female streamers. This originally came to light via Amanda “Amanderz” on Twitch, who posted a clip of the boy coming to her channel and heckling her.

Twitch streamer jaydinksttv was banned after harassing female streamers

While Twitch streamer Amanderz was playing Fall Guys, Jaden entered her stream and made an uncalled for remark on his own channel.

“I’m so cold right now, I hope her t***ies warm me up.”

He began posting in her chat, asking to join her games, as well as spamming her with a variety of statements. He claimed to be her boyfriend, and asked questions such as:

“How do I join babe.”

After a few moments, the moderators began deleting his statements.

“Why they deleted my s**t? Bro, she is my girlfriend, I don’t know what the f**k she’s talkin’ about. She’s literally my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for like two months now.”

The young Twitch streamer started spamming Amanda’s chat, saying that he wanted her to be his girl. Before he could say more, Jaden was banned. However, he seemed unfazed by it, claiming he could just go harass someone else.

“Anyways, time to go harass more women because it’s funny and it’s content. I should join her Discord. And harass people in her Discord.”

The streamer also pulled up a beat and claimed that he was going to roast her with a freestyle rap.

“Bro, I’m gonna make a hard freestyle on this ugly ass b**tch yo. Know what I’m sayin’?”

It is not clear on why the streamer was banned from Twitch, though. Some have said it could be that he is too young to have a Twitch channel, as the ToS states a user must be 13 years old. It is also against the guidelines to harass streamers.

The clip has since gone viral, bringing many out to discuss who is setting such a bad example for young Twitch viewers.

Fans blame IShowSpeed, Adin Ross, and Andrew Tate for Twitch streamer’s behavior

Who is to blame for younger streamers openly harassing women on the platform? Many have put the blame on creators like IShowSpeed. One streamer, NRG’s Flexinja, called it the “IShowSpeed effect”, but others disagreed, putting the blame on Andrew Tate and streamers like Sneako.

This led to someone pointing out that the demographic is basically the same for Adin Ross, Speed, Tate, and Greekgodx. One user would point out that Speed and Adin Ross do not create content that puts down women. However, Greek and Andrew Tate openly disrespect them.

Another content creator thought it was a shame that the streamer chose to harass people instead of doing something positive or entertaining, as he edits his own videos and is good at it.

When it came to blaming Andrew Tate, some definitely thought that he had a part to play in this. Another user pointed out that Andrew Tate’s target demographic is older males, so jaydinksttv could be taking inspiration from Jidion or IShowSpeed.

Content creator QTCinderella quote-tweeted it as well, begging streamers to stop giving attention to “hot take” sexist men platforms like Twitch. This only makes such people gain more notoriety.

Currently, jaydinksttv is banned on Twitch, but there is no telling if it is permanent or only temporary. Regardless, it has brought forth an interesting discussion on how Twitch streamers should present themselves on the platform, as anyone can be inspired by their negative actions.

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