"It's just so blatantly unbalanced" Overwatch 2 community reacts to flawed ranked matchmaking

Overwatch 2 community shared their thoughts on the broken matchmaking (Image via Sportskeeda)
Overwatch 2 community shared their thoughts on the broken matchmaking (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Overwatch 2 community has been slightly disappointed lately due to the many features the title fails to provide. Even the ones its predecessor had when released back in 2016. Reviving the beloved Hero-shooter through a sequel has greatly served Blizzard, and fans would love to have a few original features back into the title.

An Overwatch 2 player on Reddit recently posted about their poor matchmaking experience in the competitive queue. While solo-queing, the user shared a screenshot of three matches where they faced a stack of four players in the opponent while solo-queing. Fans were disappointed to see such matchmaking.

The matchmaking issue has been in the title for a while now. Especially with so little clarity on the skill rating system, fans have been waiting for developers to shed some light on this issue.

Overwatch two community saddened by the title's current matchmaking system

The original Overwatch had a feature where players would be able to spot players who were at a party. This feature was particularly praised as it lets a solo queuing player know who they were up against. However, the sequel removed this feature, leaving fans disappointed and curious.


The Reddit post by u/Neo_Raider highlights the removal of this feature in Overwatch 2 and starts a discussion in the community regarding questionable matchmaking.

Fans sharing their reaction to the flawed competitive matchmaking


Reddit users who went by the username of u/BinJogWeeHeels shared their opinion on the removal of the popular matchmaking feature from the original Overwatch

They shared their opinion on how Blizzard removed it, while the rest of the community still misses it.

The discussion continued as another user named u/Redlisch joined the conversation by rhetorically asking if players could even see a party teamed up.

Fans can also discuss the issue of the game by not letting players know the skill of their opponents. A Reddit user who went by the handle of u/YourFriendlyPyro mentions that it is an essential aspect of matchmaking in competitive games like Overwatch 2.

A more straightforward approach to this statement was also taken by a user named u/tristenjpl, who complained about the matchmaking where they faced the "top 500 challengers" players in the opposition. Facing such opponents while themselves being in low-to-mid platinum lobbies could be a bit frustrating for all players.

Fan explains the flaws of matchmaking in Overwatch 2 (Image via Reddit)
Fan explains the flaws of matchmaking in Overwatch 2 (Image via Reddit)

This brings fans to reminisce about Overwatch which had encompassed better features. A fan by the tag of u/codebreaker1701 stated that Blizzard removed the entire feature to see the 'makeup' of their team. The game also hides levels by default right now.

These features mainly make matchmaking much more frustrating and confusing.

Fans like u/Exiled_Blood and u/Neo_Raider stated how the developers keep removing better quality-of-life changes and how this is discouraging the entire playerbase from trying out the title while solo queuing in competitive.

As many players like to fill in for roles such as Support, playing against a full or four-person stack is quite punishing as a solo player. Solo queues are clearly at a disadvantage.

These opinions lead straight toward one of the most critical questions fans might want answers to: Is the current Overwatch 2 playerbase big enough for more versatile matchmaking?

Reddit user with the tag of u/carleecarp attempted to clarify this issue by adding in the question of the playerbase.

The game may be struggling to maintain the matchmaking algorithm as it cannot matchmake with limited skill rating players. To ensure skill-based matchmaking works, the title requires players from all skill levels to compete against each other.

While matchmaking issues are ongoing, Blizzard still promises a list of content coming into Season 3. Overwatch 2 will surely get a tweak for matchmaking, where the abovementioned issue may be addressed.