JGOD analyzes the TTK of Warzone 2 weapons: Is it really faster than its prequel?

JGOD compares TTK of Warzone 1 and Warzone 2 weapons (Images via @JGOD on YouTube and Activision)
JGOD compares TTK of Warzone 1 and Warzone 2 weapons (Images via @JGOD on YouTube and Activision)

Popular Warzone 2 content creator, JGOD, recently shared a video discussing the time-to-kill of weapons in the latest Battle Royale title. In the video, he is seen doing an in-depth analysis of guns from both the original Warzone and Warzone 2. JGOD further goes on to compare various statistics to determine if the weapons in the recent game deal higher damage per second, and thus, kill faster.

Time-to-kill, as the name suggests, is a statistic that reflects the time it takes to eliminate an enemy. It depends on the weapon's damage value and the rate of fire, which makes it an essential parameter that determines who remains standing at the end of a gunfight. The Call of Duty community, ever since the release of Warzone 2, has claimed that TTK is faster than ever in the game.

This article takes a closer look at JGOD's weapon TTK comparison methodology and the findings of his analysis.

JGOD reveals the truth behind the time-to-kill in Warzone 2 weapons


JGOD does an in-depth analysis to compare weapons' time-to-kill in both Battle Royale games. To achieve this, he divided his study into two categories: long-range weapons and close-range weapons. He picked numerous popular guns that defined the long-range meta in Warzone 1, and three that are currently popular in Warzone 2. Similarly, he chooses various close-range guns such as SMGs from both games.

He then categorised and tabulated the data, where numerous weapon-specific statistics such as shots-to-kill, rate of fire, and finally, the time-to-kill are drawn against the respective guns. This enabled him to compare the numbers and arrive at definitive results. Based on his analysis, the following were derived for long and close-range time-to-kill:

Long Range TTK

Long Range TTK comparison (Image via @JGOD on YouTube)
Long Range TTK comparison (Image via @JGOD on YouTube)

JGOD picked four meta Warzone 1 weapons from their respective Seasons - M4A1, Grau 5.56, Kilo 141, and DMR 14. From Warzone 2, he chose RPK, TAQ 56, and Kastov 762. On comparing, it was found that in both cases, the long-range time-to-kill has remained fairly the same as all the weapons (except DMR 14) showcased a similar TTK, which makes them competitive in both instances.

Close Range TTK

Close Range TTK comparison (Image via @JGOD on YouTube)
Close Range TTK comparison (Image via @JGOD on YouTube)

The narrative changes when it comes to close-range time-to-kill. For this comparison, JGOD chose MP7, MP5, and Mac 10 from the original Battle Royale title, while from Warzone 2, he picked the current close-range meta weapons - the Fennec, Lachmann Sub, and the Vaznev 9K. The results show that the submachine guns in the latest game kill much faster than the weapons in the prequel.

This is all there is to know about JGOD's recent findings. His analysis shows that the long-range TTK has remained unaltered for the most part in the latest iteration. However, when it comes to close range, time-to-kill has been affected drastically, whereby they enable faster takedowns in close-quarter combat.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2's Season 1 Reloaded is now live on PC (via and Steam), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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