JGOD reveals settings change to get better aim assist in Modern Warfare 2

Warzone pro JGOD recently revealed just how powerful aim assist is in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)
Warzone pro JGOD recently revealed just how powerful aim assist is in Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)

Aim assist is a topic of constant debate, and Modern Warfare 2's version is no exception. Fine-tuning the settings for controller players might usually take some work, but Warzone pro JGOD has figured out how to maximize aim assist in Modern Warfare 2 with minimal effort on the player's part.

Many feel Modern Warfare 2's aim assist is wildly overpowered for controller players. Whether or not you feel that way, getting your settings perfect for online matches will be essential.

Modern Warfare 2 pro JGOD reveals how to get the most out of aim assist

There's nothing wrong with using aim assist, though. If it's part of the game, it is meant to be used. JGOD took the time to look through the aim assist options in Modern Warfare 2 and has figured out the most potent options controller players will want to give a spin.


In Modern Warfare 2, there are four types of aim-assist settings you can go for. Each has pros and cons, but only one can stand out as the most significant and potent aim assist in the game.

  • Default
  • Precision
  • Focusing
  • Black Ops

To change your aim assist settings in the game, enter the menu and then go to your "Controller" settings. You can find the aim assist tab there, with all four options.

According to JGOD, Black Ops and Default are the two best options for aim assist in Modern Warfare 2. Black Ops is a little stronger over the default aim assist options.


You have two types of aim assist in the game - Rotational and Slow Down. Rotational works only on the left analog stick and Slow Down is used on the right.

What makes these two particular settings the best is that they offer both Rotational and Slow Down aim assist. However, Black Ops' aim assist stays active slightly longer, making it the ideal option.

β€œIt came out that like the Black Ops one was like 1 to 3 percent stronger or at least it carried the crosshairs a little bit further, which in my opinion meant that it was a little bit stronger.”

JGOD used a variety of tests to determine what would be the best aim-assist option for gamers. He wanted to see how long aim assist would be active and keep your crosshairs trained on a player in both Black Ops and Default to see which would be greatest.

The Black Ops aim assist holds the crosshairs a fraction longer, making it superior, even if only slightly. That 1-3 percent could be the difference between victory and defeat in a heated match of Modern Warfare 2.


While Default aim assist is not bad for controller players, you will get the most out of Black Ops settings, which are much better than the other choices.

However, it's also worth noting that if someone is in smoke, you will get 0 aim assist on them. You cannot track someone through smoke grenades, making it relatively fair and balanced.

While the argument of whether aim assist is fair isn't going away soon, Black Ops is going to be the ideal choice for your controller settings, according to the pros.