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List of Free Fire characters that are based on real-life personalities in 2021

Free Fire characters that are based on real-life
Free Fire characters that are based on real-life
Modified 20 Mar 2021

Free Fire has taken the mobile gaming segment by storm by putting up staggering usage numbers and setting records.

The game had numerous successful collaborations and crossovers with famous personalities like Hrithik Roshan, KSHMR, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Even shows like Money Heist and One Punch Man have been featured.

The characters inspired by these notable figures have been introduced in the game through these collaborations.

This article lists all the characters based on real-life personalities.

Note: This article is not in any particular order and features only the characters introduced due to a collaboration/crossover.

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Free Fire characters that are based on real-life personalities

#1 Chrono

Chrono in Free Fire
Chrono in Free Fire

In-game description: Chrono is a bounty hunter from another universe.

Ability: Time Turner (Active)

Collaboration with Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps one of the most significant associations of Free Fire. The character, inspired by the Portuguese footballer, arguably has one of the best in-game abilities.

Upon activation of the force field, a player can block 600 damage from enemies. Meanwhile, players within the force field can fire at the enemies.

Apart from this, the allies' movement speed is buffed by 15%, and the player's speed is boosted by 30%. These effects last for nine seconds with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

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#2 K

K in Free Fire
K in Free Fire

In-game description: K is a professor and jiu-jitsu expert.

Ability: Master of All (Active)

In September 2020, Free Fire announced a collaboration with KSHMR, the American musician, record producer, and DJ. K is the in-game persona of the artist. A new song, 'One More Round,' was also released by the DJ to commemorate this collaboration.

It has one particular ability since it has two modes - Jiujitsu and Psychology Mode. Apart from this, his abilities increase the maximum EP by 50.

Jiu-jitsu mode enhances the EP to HP conversion rate, and Psychology mode restores 2 HP every two seconds. There is a mode switch cooldown of three seconds.

#3 Skyler

Skyler in Free Fire
Skyler in Free Fire

In-game description: Skyler is a CEO and superstar.

Ability: Riptide Rhythm (Active)

Skyler is the in-game personality of music artist Son Tung M-TP. It was added in the game with the recent partnership of Garena Free Fire with the Vietnamese star. The musician subsequently released the Skyler theme song.

When this ability is used, it unleashes a sonic wave that damages five Gloo Walls within the 100m range. Also, deploying the Gloo Wall will increase HP recovery beginning with nine points.

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#4 Jai

Jai in Free Fire
Jai in Free Fire

In-game description: Jai is a decorated SWAT commander

Ability: Ranging Reload (Passive)

Garena unveiled Hrithik Roshan as Free Fire's first Indian character, Jai. A campaign around collaboration was also added to the game.

The character automatically recovers 45% of the magazine's capacity on knocking down the foes. But there is a catch. This ability is limited to the AR, Pistol, SMG, and Shotgun.

#5 Alok

Alok in Free Fire
Alok in Free Fire

In-game description: Alok is a world-famous DJ, ready to drop a beat.

Ability: Drop the Beat (Active)


Alok continues to remain one of the most prominent characters in Free Fire due to his fantastic ability. It was added to the game as a partnership between Garena and DJ Alok Petrillo.

The ability "Drop the Beat" creates a 5m aura that increases the allies' movement speed by 15% and restores 5 HP every second for 10 seconds.

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#6 Jota

Jota in Free Fire
Jota in Free Fire

In-game description: Jota is a parkour expert and stuntman.

Ability: Sustained Raids (Passive)

Jota is inspired by the Indonesian actor Joe Taslim and was introduced in Free Fire in March 2020. The character has an ability called "Sustained Raids" that will instantly restore 40 HP on every kill with a Shotgun or SMG. However, there is a cooldown of five seconds.


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Published 20 Mar 2021, 15:26 IST
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