"Lost Ark needs to do this before it's too late": YouTuber points out ways to recover the declining player count in the MMO

Lost Ark needs certain radical steps to recover its player count (Image via Amazon Games)
Lost Ark needs certain radical steps to recover its player count (Image via Amazon Games)

The journey from March to April for Lost Ark hasn't been as positive as its journey in the prior period. While there have been positives, content has been an area of concern in the Western version. Some players have been upset about missing classes, while others dislike the T3 content.

At first glance, the game has different activities to keep players engaged. But the player count has reduced, and one player believes that they may have found the reason.


When the Lost Ark was released on the Western shores, it got terrific traction. The game recorded more than one million concurrent players on Steam. However, cracks have started to appear as players spend more time. So naturally, player counts of video games can come down over time. What will worry Amazon Games is that there has been a lot of displeasure surrounding their game.

Lost Ark player calculates time for daily content and makes suggestions to improve the game

Earlier on April 3, YouTuber LuisNoLimit posted a video about Lost Ark. The video contains an approximate calculation of the time required to complete the daily activities. By his count, it takes around 25 minutes per character, excluding the Abyss raids, which would further increase the time commitment.

While this number may not seem very big, it becomes worrisome if a player has to complete the dailies for six characters. It's to be noted that these activities are just daily activities and tasks and exclude any seasonal events.


Luis further stated that this number goes up when considering all the events that players can do in the game. He stated that he had taken a figure that should be doable for most.

Despite the initial highs, the player count of Lost Ark has reduced. Luis points to the same in his video despite claiming that the game is quite lively. Of course, having over 300,000 players is no mean feat, but the number has decreased a lot since its release.

The biggest issue for this is the repetitiveness, according to Luis. Doing the same activities day in and day out can become quite monotonous. Therefore, Luis prescribes that Amazon Games should look to add more content to liven up the overall content available to players.

He also added that missing classes might be another area where the game can be improved. It's common knowledge that more classes are available on the Korean version due to its extended time in existence.


Some of the classes that are yet to arrive in the Western version are liked by many. This has led to many players not committing entirely to one character. Players have been asking about a roadmap for a long time. Amazon Games has recently responded positively, but finer details are yet to be divulged.

Even if an approximate time is available, players can still use that indicator. However, players in the Western version of Lost Ark have no idea which missing class will come next. This has led them to grow multiple characters simultaneously to have an endgame backup.

This amplifies the problem in two ways, as shown in Luis' video. The first problem arises with people not committing to a single character which causes them to grind more. The grind can feel worse if a player's character is trying to level up and isn't their favorite. The greater grind essentially means repeating the same daily stuff.


The second problem comes from the repetitive nature of the activities as a whole. If Amazon Games can spice up the content and provide more ways for players, it could keep gamers more engaged. However, there will be a need to maintain a balance to avoid recent issues with the Argos raid.

Amazon Games has been shown to rely on player feedback in the past. So it's also essential for them to take feedback seriously, which will help them improve Lost Ark. Otherwise, the game could end up having a similar fate as New World, whose player count has reduced drastically since the turn of the year.

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