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Minecraft Caves and Cliffs-themed Bedrock Beta: List of all the new features

(image credits: playerone)
(image credits: playerone)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 02 Nov 2020

Minecraft is a continuously evolving experience that keeps its fanbase engaged by introducing new content with each new update. This way, players can continue to play the game for longer as they will be provided with a steady stream of content over a long period of time.

Minecraft's next big update has been planned for 2021 and is dubbed as the 'Caves and Cliffs' update. Players who wish to try out some of the new content can participate in the Beta currently available for Windows 10/Xbox/Android (Bedrock).

The Beta allows Mojang to receive direct feedback on how the new features function and whether they are stable enough to be incorporated in Minecraft. Here is a brief rundown of all the new features available in the Caves and Cliffs-themed Beta in Minecraft.

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs-themed Bedrock Beta: List of all the new features

New Experimental Features

In this Beta, Minecraft will be using the new Experimental Features toggles to test out some new features.

Keep in mind that some of these Experimental Features may not be available in the non-beta releases until Mojang is ready to release the full update in the future.

Please also be aware that using Experimental Features means that your worlds will likely be incompatible with the other Betas in the future, so make sure you keep backup copies of your worlds.

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(image credits:

New Mob-Goats


The first Caves and Cliffs feature in this week's Beta will be The Goat. Goats will be behind a new Experimental Features Toggle - you will need to enable this to be able to test them out.

  • The goat will spawn in extreme hill biomes for now until we prepare a permanent place for them to live and practice their head-butting skills.
  • Goats are the mountain kings. They can climb mountains and rough terrain and take reduced fall damage.
  • They love to jump - usually when you’re least expecting it!
  • Beware! They are mischievous and might knock intruders off the mountainside.
  • Goats may drop a horn item if they ram into a tree.

Powder Snow

  • Added powder snow block in Minecraft
  • Enable the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle to test powder snow out in this week's Beta.
  • This block is currently only available through the creative inventory.
  • Leather boots make it easier for players to traverse powder snow.
  • Entities can enter powder snow blocks, but their movement is slowed down while inside, and fall damage is ignored.
  • Goats are smart enough to avoid powder snow blocks when pathing.
  • Powder Snow blocks have a slightly different texture than regular snow blocks.
  • When the camera is inside a powder snow block, fog is rendered around it, and an overlay texture is rendered on it.

Bug Fixes in Minecraft Beta

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Large numbers of scheduled instant updates will no longer crash the game (MCPE-94942).
  • Fixed occasional crash when going through a portal or flying around.
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur while flying or moving around the game world.


  • Only preview items will be shown in the crafting screen when auto crafting an item on a controller. This prevents quick updates of the recipe book.
  • Fixed a bug where the End Portal blocks were not removed after an End Portal Frame block is destroyed. Filled blocks other than the End Portal blocks will remain in place.
  • Fixed paper doll, which can now always be rotated with the mouse when in the dressing room (MCPE-101210).

Head over to the official website for more details; click here.

Published 02 Nov 2020, 10:43 IST
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