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Minecraft Live 2020: New Cave update, new mob, Minecraft Dungeons cross-play

(Image Credits: Ibxtoycat, YouTube)
(Image Credits: Ibxtoycat, YouTube)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 04 Oct 2020, 10:10 IST

Ever since it was launched in 2009, Minecraft has only gone from strength to strength. The game, that captured the collective imagination of the gaming community, has only managed to get better with each passing year.

Today, Minecraft has spawned a number of spin-offs and even books, solidifying the franchise as one of the biggest in the history of games. Minecraft Live is, therefore, one of the most celebrated events of the year and is a chance for Mojang to show off what they have in store for their vast player base.

This year's Minecraft Live has wrapped up but fans can still watch the entire live stream on YouTube to see the event for themselves.

Minecraft Live 2020: Everything revealed at the event

New Mob

Mojang turned to the Minecraft community and asked fans to vote on who the next mob in the game should be. Fans had cast their votes and a winner was announced during Minecraft Live 2020.

The choice was between Icelogger, Glow Squid and the Moobloom. The Glow Squid prevailed and was announced as the newest mob to be added to the game, much to the fans' delight.

Caves and Cliff Update


The Caves and Cliff update might just be the biggest update to Minecraft in years and looks to add a ton of new content.

The update has been announced for Summer 2021, which means it is still a while away. However, given the amount of content and changes the update will bring to the game, players feel the release date is fair.

Minecraft Dungeons Cross-play and Howling Peaks

Minecraft Dungeons was perhaps a creative left turn that fans had not expected from Mojang but one that has pleased them to no end. The experiment was a giant success as Dungeons slowly became one of the most popular Minecraft games in the market.


It has now been announced that this 3D dungeon crawler is set to receive cross-play by the end of the year in a free update, which is music to the ears of fans. Cross-play has been one of the most requested features, and it looks like Mojang is delivering on those expectations in spades.

Howling Peaks DLC

In addition to cross-play, the game will also be receiving a brand-new DLC that has the fanbase extremely excited. The paid expansion will look to add a ton of new elements to the game such as new mobs, variants and even a new Boss.

The DLC, Howling Peaks, has been confirmed to be very similar to previous DLCs such as Creeping Winter and Jungle Awakens in terms of the amount of content. After yesterday's announcement, it does look like Minecraft Dungeons is here to stay, and Mojang are firmly behind it to ensure it has the necessary support for longevity.

Published 04 Oct 2020, 10:10 IST
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