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Minecraft recipes: How to make an Iron Nugget

Image credits: MCBasic, youtube
Image credits: MCBasic, youtube
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 06 Oct 2020, 17:26 IST

No one could have expected Minecraft to take over the gaming world in such a huge way back in 2009. Critics of the game were quick to label it as ephemeral, and that the fad would die down soon.

However, nearly 11 years later, Minecraft is bigger and better than it has ever been, and players continue to invest hours into this title. The key gameplay loop that has the player base returning eagerly is just the endless possibilities presented in Minecraft.

Gamers can experiment with the game world and end up creating wondrous achievements.

How to make an Iron Nugget in Minecraft?

The critical ingredient the player will need in their inventory to make an Iron Nugget in Minecraft is one Iron Ingot, which can net the player nine Iron Nuggets, thus making it a precious resource in this game.

While players can find Iron Ingot themselves in Survival Mode, they would be better off crafting some on their own using Iron Ore. To get Iron Ingot, players have to kill an Iron Golem, which is more trouble than ideal.

Here is how you can craft an Iron Ingot by using Iron Ore:

Items Required: Iron Ore, Coal



  1. Gather Iron Ore
  2. Open the Furnace Menu
  3. Add Coal as Fuel
  4. Add Iron Ore to create Iron Ingot.

Now that the player has an Iron Ingot, they can proceed to make an Iron Nugget. In order to make this, players will have to use the Crafting Menu. The actual process is really simple, and the only tricky part is to gather the necessary ingredient (Iron Ingot).

Items Required: Iron Ingot


  1. Open the Crafting Menu
  2. In the centre square, place an Iron Ingot. Players must remember to place the Iron Ingot in the centre of the crafting 3x3 grid.
  3. An Iron Nugget will appear in the box to the right.
  4. Move the Iron Nugget to the Inventory.

Each Iron Ingot will provide 9 Iron Nuggets to the player in Minecraft.

Published 06 Oct 2020, 17:26 IST
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