Modern Warfare 2 beta “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error: What is it and how to possibly fix it

How to possibly fix the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error in Modern Warfare 2 beta (Image via Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
How to fix the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error in the MW 2 beta (Image via Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)

With the second session of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 beta set to kick off later today (on September 22, 2022), there are a few performance issues that fans should be aware of.

It’s not all that surprising that players have been running into errors, since the upcoming Call of Duty title is still in its beta phase. The initial round of playtesting received a good amount of community feedback regarding the title’s performance, and one of the significant problems that players have been facing in the beta is the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error.

The error occurs when the player’s Modern Warfare 2 client fails to connect to the online servers and usually pops up while trying to launch the game. This has made many with the beta key unable to enjoy the game properly.

Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix to the problem. However, there are some temporary solutions that today’s guide will talk about to help players deal with the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

Troubleshooting the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error in Modern Warfare 2 beta


There are no permanent fixes to the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error, since Modern Warfare 2 is still in its beta stage. However, there are a few things that players can do to temporarily fix it.

1) Checking for connectivity errors

The first thing players will need to check to fix the error will be their internet connection. Often times, the issues were faced by players whose connections were not exactly stable.

Players are therefore advised to check their connectivity, restart their routers if necessary, and stop all bandwidth-heavy applications before starting Modern Warfare 2.

Additionally, a wired connection will be more stable than a wireless one. Hence, players who are connected to a Wi-Fi network should try using an ethernet cable instead.

2) Looking up Modern Warfare 2’s server status

The error in the beta can get triggered when the game’s servers themselves are facing issues or have been taken down temporarily for maintenance.

By visiting the Activision Online Services page, players will be able to check if there is anything wrong with the Modern Warfare 2 beta server, especially when they are continuously encountering the error.

If the servers are down or facing an issue, players are requested to wait until Activision brings them online again.


3) Updating the game

Modern Warfare 2 might receive patches and updates even though it’s in its beta period. Hence, players need to look out for a version update if the error persists.

If Activision deploys a patch to deal with the “Connection Failed Puget-Altus” error, then updating the game to the latest version will likely solve the issue.

4) Restarting the PC or console

Restarting the PC or the console on which players have been trying out the beta will be one of the more extreme solutions. However, it's worth a shot, as many in the community have noted that it has been able to temporarily solve the problem.

Players are advised to try restarting their systems if the error continues to be a problem when trying to enjoy the beta of the upcoming Call of Duty title.


5) Reinstalling the beta

The final step would be to just uninstall and reinstall the game from scratch. It’s the most drastic step yet, but if the other solutions do not seem to fix the problem, then players will be left with no other option.

If all else fails, players are advised to contact the official Customer Support Team. The Activision team will likely be able to help them find a solution.

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