Modern Warfare 2 guide: How to unlock XTEN Grip in Season 1

Modern Warfare 2 how to unlock XTEN Grip (Image via Activision)
Unlocking the XTEN Grip in Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2 (Image via Activision)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is Activision’s latest campaign multiplayer title that introduces a healthy mix of virtual detailing and incredible realism. Alongside a fairly paced storyline, the game also features various classic multiplayer modes for the entire playerbase to enjoy.

The brand new gunsmith system that arrived with Modern Warfare 2 allows players to modify a weapon’s base characteristics by equipping different attachments. Thanks to this system, different parts of a weapon can be swapped out for a separate compatible attachment.

The XTEN Grip falls under the category of Rear Grips and can only be used in that specific weapon slot. Currently, Modern Warfare 2 only allows a maximum of five attachments for every weapon, which inherently creates a balanced state amongst all weapons.

This article will further detail the properties of the XTEN Grip and how it can be unlocked in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 XTEN Grip unlocking criteria


A total of ten weapon classes are shared between Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 simultaneously. Certain weapons are unlocked by default, offering a new family weapon platform progression that unlocks different variants of the base weapon. As these weapons are leveled up, players obtain access to different attachments.

How to get XTEN Grip

It's fairly simple to obtain most attachments in the game, with the XTEN Grip being one of the most convenient add-ons. Players only need to spend a few hours in the game's multiplayer modes while using the Call of Duty classic M4 Assault Rifle to progress the weapon to level 16.

This Modern Warfare 2 attachment pairs up greatly with the weapons it's compatible with and provides a great boost to weapon stats.

XTEN Grip properties


Generally, every attachment has both positive and negative effects on the weapon’s stats. The XTEN Grip is no exception to this rule and helps increase certain stats while negatively affecting others.

Given below is a list of all the attachment's effects on a weapon:

  • Increases sprint-to-fire speed
  • Increases Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed
  • Decreases the overall recoil control on the weapon

This Rear Grip attachment can only be used on the M4 and M16 Assault Rifles in Modern Warfare 2. The XTEN Grip's decrease in recoil control can be offset by using an underbarrel or laser attachment to increase recoil control without affecting the ADS speed too much.


The publisher has introduced a unique weapon platform in Modern Warfare 2, through which various different weapons can make use of a shared pool of attachments. With this system, unlocking the attachment by completing its basic criteria makes it available for all other compatible guns.

The Rear Grip is an essential attachment slot for most weapons as these attachments offer a truly diverse set of effects. The slot can be primarily utilized after equipping the other four available slots on the weapon to compensate for potential negative effects from other attachments.

This concludes with the method of unlocking the XTEN Grip by using the M4 Assault Rifle and the attachment's different properties. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates and weapon build guides about Activision’s recently released multiplayer title.

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