Monopoly Go: What Happens to Extra Hammers after Sunken Treasures Ends?

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This article talks about what happens to the Hammer tokens in Monopoly Go after the Sunken Treasure Dig event ends (Image via Scopely)

Monopoly Go Sunken Treasures Dig Event has been extremely popular among the tycoons. This four-day treasure dig side quest has provided them with amazing in-game assets that help them increase their net worth and complete the boards faster. However, with the event ending soon, many are trying to find out what happens to Extra Hammers after the event concludes.

This article will discuss some details of the dig event while trying to find the answer to one of the most asked questions in Monopoly Go.

Here is what happens to the Hammer tokens once the Sunken Treasure Dig event ends in Monopoly Go

Scopely's title features an amazing conversion rate for the leftover tokens after the Treasure Dig event concludes and it can help you get some free dice rolls.

The Sunken Treasure Dig event arrived on May 23, 2024, and will be ending on May 26, 2024. With only 16 milestones, and each of them providing amazing rewards, the majority of the community has completed the final milestone.

However, thanks to the Captain's Quest event and other active daily tournaments, many players have tons of Hammer tokens left and are confused about what will happen to the currency when the event ends.

The Sunken Treasure event will end soon (Image via Scopely)
The Sunken Treasure event will end soon (Image via Scopely)

As seen on multiple occasions, the Sunken Treasure Dig event tokens will turn into dice rolls: for every unused Hammer token, you will get three dice rolls. That means even if you have only 30 unused Hammer tokens left, you will get 90 free dice at the end of the event.

A great way to use this conversion rate in your favor is by piling up all the Hammer tokens you can get until the last day of the event (i.e., May 26, 2024, for this event) and using them all at once on the last day. By doing this, you will likely complete the event and save a lot of tokens in the process.

There are plenty of different ways to get Hammer tokens in Monopoly Go. Completing the Quick Wins, daily Solo events, and Tournaments will reward you with plenty of these tokens for free.

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