"Nevermind, just block me": xQc tells Kai Cenat about his autocorrect error while DMing Nadia

xQc, while chatting with Kai Cenat revealed an unfortunate typo while DMing Nadia (Image via Twitch/xQc & Nadia)
xQc revealed to Kai Cenat about an unfortunate typo while DMing Nadia (Image via Twitch/xQc & Nadia)

In a recent stream, Felix “xQc”' chatted with Twitch superstar Kai Cenat. While they discussed several topics, one caught the attention of the internet. During the discussion, Felix revealed how badly he messed up a conversation with CoD streamer Nadia.

The CoD streamer wanted to play a few matches with xQc, and instead of replying and saying he’d invite her the next time he was going to play, he terribly bungled his words, thanks to his phone's autocorrect feature. It was a hilarious moment as he ended up suggesting Nadia block him instead.

“And then I said, 'Nevermind, just block me.'”

xQc hilariously tells Kai Cenat about him fumbling a DM with CoD streamer Nadia

“Okay, so, all she says is ‘Wanna play,’ because she thought I wanted to play because chat says ‘wanna play.'”

While talking to Kai Cenat, Felix revealed that Nadia, a famous Call of Duty streamer, was interested in playing some matches with him. However, the streamer made an unfortunate error when typing his message to Nadia on his new iPhone.

“At that point, I’d already ended my stream. It’s hours later, hours later. I respond, I respond, ‘I’ll do you next time I play that video game.”

For a few seconds, there was dead silence after the streamer revealed the very unfortunate DM. He meant to say he would DM her next time, but that is certainly not what left his fingertips while messaging Nadia.

“And then I go away because I’m cooking something.”

Both streamers shouted over each other, with Kai Cenat trying to understand what xQc wrote. Felix tried to explain himself, creating several moments of loud back-and-forth shouting.

“Did you say you’ll f**k her after the game?”

Kai very much wanted clarification, while xQc shouted that he needed to finish his story, so he could tell his side of how this all went down.

“Let me finish, let me finish, let me finish, f**k, please. So then I say, ‘What the f**k?’ Then I said ‘DM’ with a star. I would say I will DM you next time, I said, 'I’ll do you next time,' instead. And then I said, 'Nevermind, just block me.'”

It was pretty clear Felix was embarrassed by his massive autocorrect fail during his DMs with Nadia, but Kai Cenat found it hilarious.

“Bro! What the f**k was that, man? I’m new to iPhone, okay?”

While Kai Cenat found it pretty comical, most of the responses to the clip on social media focused heavily on the autocorrect feature.

Social media responds to xQc’s autocorrect fail

During the clip, Felix said he was new to using an iPhone, so the phone had little time to adjust to how he types. Not everyone was unsympathetic, though. A few Redditors remarked that it takes time for that to happen and that the iPhone’s autocorrect is noticeably quite PG, avoiding swear words often.

Not everyone made fun of the streamer for his mistakes (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)
Not everyone made fun of the streamer for his mistakes (Image via LiveStreamFails/Reddit)

Others would take playful shots at the streamer, calling him a “Rizzler” or saying that the latest iPhone OS had an “Auto Riz” feature. Rizz is slang made popular by Kai Cenat on Twitch. It’s often used in connection with hooking up with a girl or a male's ability to impress a woman, also known as a 'game.'

Others would call xQc a fumbler for messing up badly in his DMs with Nadia.

If nothing else, it entertained Reddit (Image via Reddit)
If nothing else, it entertained Reddit (Image via Reddit)

Others would suggest Felix not buy an iPhone in the future, while others said that it's not the streamer’s fault since they thought Nadia was physically attractive.

It’s unknown if the two streamers will play together in the future, but if nothing else, it created a very comical moment on xQc’s chat with Kai Cenat on Twitch.

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