New Genshin Impact 2.6 artifact leaks: Xiao and Ayato’s signature sets and stats revealed

It's not currently known where players obtain them in Genshin Impact 2.6 (Image via miHoYo)
It's not currently known where players obtain them in Genshin Impact 2.6 (Image via miHoYo)
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Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks reveal new information on the effects of two of the latest artifact sets.

One of the artifact sets seems tailor-made with Xiao, while others theorycraft if the other will be viable with Ayato. Although it's too early to say how useful these artifact sets will end up being in the final version, it's still worth looking at their leaked effects.

The two artifact sets are:

  1. Echoes of an Offering
  2. Vermillion Hereafter

Keep in mind that their names and effects are subject to change. For example, Divine Chorus was renamed Ocean-Hued Clam back in the 2.3 beta.

Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks: New artifacts for Xiao and Ayato

Echoes of an Offering2pc: ATK +18%4pc: Normal Attack (NA) has a 36% chance to proc (once every 0.3s) a buff that boosts NA DMG by 60% of ATK. The buff expires 0.05s after the next NA that deals DMG. If a NA doesn't proc the buff, the next NA will be 20% more likely to proc it.

The first artifact set worth looking at is Echoes of an Offering. Its 2-piece effect is identical to Shimenawa's Reminiscence and Gladiator's Finale, but it has a unique 4-piece effect focused on buffing Normal Attacks.

This artifact set didn't get much attention from the old Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks compared to Vermillion Hereafter. Characters that rely on their Normal Attacks as the bulk of their offense will appreciate it.

Given how Ayato's Elemental Skill works, some fans theorize that this artifact set will work well with him in Genshin Impact 2.6.

Vermillion Hereafter2pc: ATK +18%4pc: After using an Elemental Burst, the character will gain a buff, increasing their ATK by 8% for 16s. When the character loses HP, Their ATK will further increase by 10%. This increase can occur up to once every 0.8s, max 4 stacks.

Another Genshin Impact 2.6 leak mentions what Vermillion Hereafter does. Its 2-piece effect is identical to the previous set, but it has a unique 4-piece effect to make up for that. It essentially buffs the user's ATK every time they take damage after using their Elemental Burst.

Combining this effect with its 2-piece effect gives the active character the potential to earn a 66% ATK boost. Characters don't tend to hurt themselves during their Elemental Burst and relying on an enemy to hurt the user is inefficient.

Hence, this artifact set has been described by some leakers and theorycrafters as "tailor-made" for Xiao. His Elemental Burst can constantly drain his HP to get the maximum four stacks, with the set effect lasting almost as long as his Elemental Burst.

So apparently we are getting new artifact sets, this means last patch farming for Emblem / Husk before we move over

It's important to reiterate that the effects and names are subject to change. However, they can also remain unchanged, hence the need to look at them as they are at present. The Echoes of an Offering set does have a little bit of RNG in its 4-piece effect, which is unusual for artifacts in this game.

Characters with fast Normal Attack chains can easily get multiple chances of proccing its effect (especially with the 20% increase if they fail to activate the buff). It's worth noting that a few Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks say the same thing as what's listed above, except with different terminology.

[2.6 Beta] New Artefact Sets:※ Subject to change.#ProjectCelestia

For example, this Genshin Impact 2.6 leak states the following about Vermillion Hereafter's 4-piece effect:

"After using an Elemental Burst, this character will gain the Nascent Light effect, increasing their ATK by 8% for 16s. When the character's HP decreases, their ATK will further increase by 10%. This increase can occur this way a maximum of 4 times. This effect can be triggered once every 0.8s. Nascent Light will be dispelled when the character leaves the field. If an Elemental Burst is used again during the duration of Nascent Light, the original Nascent Light will be dispelled."

Similarly, this Genshin Impact 2.6 leak states the following about Echoes of an Offering:

"When Normal Attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance that it will trigger Valley Rite, which will increase Normal Attack DMG by 60% of ATK. This effect will be dispelled 0.05s after a Normal Attack deals DMG. If a Normal Attack fails to trigger Valley Rite, the odds of it triggering the next time will increase by 20%. This trigger can occur once every 0.3s."

This information parallels the previous Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks, except it's stated differently (including random names like Valley Rite).

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