"Actively harmful to community sentiment": Destiny 2 players unhappy with Bungie's secrecy despite lackluster seasonal releases

Destiny 2 Lightfall, Neomuna (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Lightfall, Neomuna (Image via Bungie)

Burnouts in video games are nothing unusual, especially for live service models such as Destiny 2. However, the multiplayer FPS title is facing its lowest player count and dry period ever, not due to the season's closing days but Bungie's repeated mistakes.

Besides releasing the same pattern of content every season for one year, players are fed up with waiting until the launch to learn about the next entry. While some don't care about this approach, most of the community is frustrated with Bungie's path.

@SkillUpYT @RickKackis The lack of info and trailers before seasons and expansions are never a good sign. Bungie is the king of hype, if they can’t get us hyped then that’s a bad sign.

Seasons 17 and 18 have immensely disappointed players with their bugged triumphs, old replayability, boring story-tellings, and unneeded sandbox changes (Airborne Effectiveness). However, everyone had to wait until the last hour to know anything regarding the seasonal themes and names.

This particular approach has been angering the community for quite some time now.

Bungie's secrecy about Destiny 2 seasons has been backfiring ever since The Witch Queen

While there have been no announcements regarding the upcoming theme of Season 19 or any activities in general, fans should note that Bungie has been open about all the changes it's implementing in the sandbox game. Hence, players' frustration and anger are towards the overall seasonal model and the company's lack of hyping it up.

Man, I'm so excited for the next season of what I might be saying if I knew anything about it.
@SkillUpYT You'll have exactly 1 hour to be excited.which is the time between when the trailer comes out and the season starts.enjoy it.
@RickKackis Corporate edging. I love it.

Some major content creators share the same sentiment as the rest of the community, which has ultimately powered the voices of everyone with mutual feelings regarding this. Whether veteran or new, almost everyone in the community agrees that keeping upcoming content a secret until the last minute is making things worse.

T R U EI’m hoping we get a reveal today so badly.I was fine with the final, most hyped season of a year being secret, but absolutely no marketing every season sucks ass.LET US GET HYPED BUNGIE PLEASE! I JUST WANT TO BE EXCITED THATS IT…
@PaulTassi @Forbes Agreed. In the past it was cool. Now it’s like? Why are we keeping it a secret. Did plunder REALLY have to be a secret?
@ScottFree__ @allencarlson_ @SkillUpYT @RickKackis The game is at an all time low hence there not being any hype to be gained from playing the game in it's current state - a lack of advertising for future content is actively harmful to community sentiment.D2 needs drastic imrovements or at least communication more than ever.

As mentioned earlier, both seasons of Haunted and Plunder fell victim to some boring replayability that very few in the community enjoyed. Hence, if Bungie fails to deliver after keeping things in secrecy for almost three months, there is no point. Players think it is very harmful, considering the game's current state.

@SkillUpYT You get loot and fight the same robots from the original base game some more
@SkillUpYT No need tbh, 6 player match made activity with roughly 3 weeks at the most of replay ability before it’s extremely stale, 30 second cut scene every week and no real reason to play pvp. Congrats you’re now upto speed with destiny
@A_dmg04 @DirtyEffinHippy @Cozmo23 are we gonna get a trailer today to build hype (which I think we desperately need as a community) or is it gonna be the "day one trailer" lit it's been for the last few seasons? Ngl, I miss the build up of stuff to look forward to over a week.
@A_dmg04 Good morning dmg! I was wondering if you could shed some light on when we might get some information on next season? Seeing as it’s now only one week away and I think I speak for many when I say that people would like some kind of information before the moment of release
@A_dmg04 Got any season 19 news yet?@A_dmg04
@PaulTassi @A_dmg04 I get they don't wanna drop stuff until the season ending cutscene but man I wish we could just get something after that's out.
@A_dmg04 how about you tell us more about [REDACTED] & [REDACTED] and that thing about [REDACTED]

Aside from seasonal themes and activities, Bungie is yet to announce the upcoming Champion mods in artifacts. While Season of Plunder has been completely biased towards Arc 3.0, it will be interesting to see what the company puts forth for everyone to use in Season 19.

Sadly, with only seven days remaining, no one knows how to prepare for the endgame Nightfalls or what the story holds leading up to the Lightfall expansion. The only additions that have been announced include the following:

  • Destiny 2 subclass changes.
  • Divinity nerf.
  • Vaulted weapons.
  • Removal of planetary materials.
  • PvP ranking system.
  • New PvP seals.
  • New Destiny 2 Dungeon.
14 Days until Season of [REDACTED] ⚔️ NEW Crucible Seal & Playlist Update 🛡️ Subclass Updates 🔫 NEW Weapons & Sandbox Update 🪐 Planetary Materials Overhaul ❄️ Deep Stone Crypt Weapon Crafting ☀️ 2 NEW Trials Weapons 🗺️ NEW Seasonal Activity⚡️ Arc 3.0 ArmorAnd more..

While players doubt that the overall model of Destiny 2 Season 19 will be any different from its previous counterparts, they feel that a trailer or title reveal would have been nice.

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