Adin Ross in hot waters after telling a viewer to "kill" themselves, jokes about slitting HasanAbi fan's throat

Adin Ross asks fans to harass relatives on Kick stream (Image via Sportskeeda)
Adin Ross asks fans to harass relatives on Kick stream (Image via Sportskeeda)

Adin Ross has been at the center of numerous controversies in the past few weeks and is once again facing backlash after he told a viewer to "kill themselves" after they made a comment about Andrew Tate. Later in the same stream, he went on to ask an audience member to urinate on a relative who is a fan of Twitch streamer HasanAbi.

The already problematic bit got even grimmer when he joked about giving his fan $20K if he slit his brother's throat. While the video has been taken down from YouTube, here's an alternate link.

Note: Mentions of ill-intent. Viewer discretion is advised.

The clip captures the moment when Adin Ross jokes about paying his fan money to hurt a person because he is a HasanAbi fan:

"Bro, if you slit his throat, I think I'll give you 20K... I'm kidding, I'm kidding."

Adin Ross asks fan to urinate on brother, who watches HasanAbi and Destiny

The discussion that led to the aforementioned joke was about getting one of the people watching his streams to urinate on his brother and see the reaction. While the prank in itself has been frowned upon by many, Adin Ross' reaction to finding out that the brother was a HasanAbi fan has received even more backlash.

Readers should note that Piker has recently criticized Adin publicly, calling out his recent actions. In any case, the latter loved the idea that one of HasanAbi's fans would get pranked like this on his stream when the brother explained to him that the 20-year-old knows livestreaming but may not be familiar with Adin. The brother stated:

"He knows what livestreaming is but he doesn't know who you are. He watches Hasan."

At this point, Adin Ross can be heard saying:

"Oh my god, this makes me hate him even more."

The streamer, along with the three others on the call, started cheering at the prospect of throwing urine at his brother, who watches HasanAbi and Destiny.

Adin Ross lashes out at viewer critical of his association with Andrew Tate

That's not all, in another clip that has gone viral, Ross can be seen asking an audience member to "kill themselves" after they criticized the streamer for associating with Andrew Tate. The comment was a TTS (Text To Speech) message that played while the streamer was on Kick.

Adin and Tate have been collaborating on and off for many months, and he was one of the first popular streamers on Twitch to have the controversial figure on his channel, talking to him in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Ross was also included in the shortlist of people allowed to meet Andrew Tate in jail after his arrest, indicating their friendship.

As such, the viewer on today's stream on Kick, where Adin Ross has been streaming exclusively since his ban from Twitch, criticized the streamer along similar lines. The message appeared on the screen and was also read out loud:

"Bro, Andrew Tate really brainwashed you into a sh*t stain. This is not the way son, be the boy I raised you to be."

Annoyed, Adin Ross interrupted the text-to-speech message by asking the donator:

"Kill yourself! What are you talking about bro?"

Reddit reactions to the stream

Here are some general reactions from r/LivestreamFail about the various incidents on Adin's recent Kick stream. Many criticized Trainwreckstv for endorsing Ross despite his contentious streaming moments:

Adin Ross was one of the largest creators on Twitch before he was allegedly permanently banned for unmoderated content that was deemed hateful. Kick has yet to take any action towards his homophobic comments, and it remains to be seen if his recent controversial comments will elicit any reaction from the Stake-owned platform.

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