“Is that an anime character?”: Adin Ross left shocked after interacting with VTuber Ironmouse for the first time

Adin Ross interacts with VTuber Ironmouse for the first time on Mizkif's stream (Images via Twitter/AdinRoss and Ironmouse)
Adin Ross interacts with VTuber Ironmouse for the first time on Mizkif's stream (Images via Twitter/AdinRoss and Ironmouse)

Adin Ross, one of the most popular YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers, was seen on Matthew "Mizkif's" livestream while the latter was on his quest to conquer the canvas present in the trending subreddit, r/Place. The seasonal subreddit has taken the internet and the streaming community by storm as almost every big streamer is trying to establish their foothold by creating art with the help of their community.

During one of Mizkif's latest livestreams, he was joined by a plethora of content creators. Adin Ross and VTuber Ironmouse were among those present.

However, Adin had never heard of Ironmouse and was confused when he saw her stream:

"Who the f**k is that? Is that an anime character?"

Mizkif and friends hilariously play a prank on Adin Ross by mentioning that Ironmouse is a bot

The One True King (OTK) co-founding member had been streaming for around eight hours, and he spent most of his stream rallying his Twitch chat members to create pixel art in the trending subreddit r/Place.

During the course of the stream, he was joined by a number of well-known streamers like Chance "Sodapoppin," Felix "xQc," EsfandTV, Adin Ross, Ironmouse, and Lacari.

As Adin joined the call, he greeted Mizkif in the most cheerful way possible. Right after hearing Ironmouse speak, Adin seemed a bit stunned and questioned whether Ironmouse was an anime character. Replying to his question, Ironmouse stated:

"Oh, I am a... yeah, yeah, yeah! I am an anime character! How's it going?"

Hearing Ironmouse's witty reply, the streamer group started to laugh. Still puzzled by the situation, Adin continued to question:

"What the f**k is that?"

xQc joined in on the conversation and started to troll Adin as he said:

"It's a bot that we made, on this..."

Ironmouse started to play along with the prank as she claimed:

"Yeah, I am a bot."

Adin wanted more clarity:

"Wait, you're not a real person?"

Mizkif instantly said:

"No, bro. It's Stream Elements."

Adin Ross expressed his amazement:

"What the f**k! That's fake?"

Mizkif asked Adin to ask Ironmouse a question to satisfy his doubts. Adin then asked the following question:

"Um... How old are you?"

The room went completely silent, and Sodapoppin was seen face-palming while listening to Adin's question. Canadian streamer xQc tried to salvage the situation by saying the "bot" lagged.

Adin followed up with a different question:

"What would you rate me one to ten, bot?"

Ironmouse hilariously replied:

"Negative five."

Taking offense, Adin Ross replied to Ironmouse's witty comment by saying:

"F**k you, b***h!"

Ironmouse burst out laughing after hearing Adin's reaction. Adin Ross then realized that Ironmouse was not a bot. He said:

"Oh, that's not a fake. That's a real person."

The hilarious back and forth soon came to an end, and Mizkif carried on streaming for an hour and a half.

Fans react to Adin's first conversation with Ironmouse

Redditors were amused by Adin's first interaction and conversation with VTuber Ironmouse. However, some of them felt that Adin was a bit rude.

A few fans critiqued Mizkif's method of featuring big-name streamers on his channel.

For those unaware, Ironmouse is a VTuber who is affiliated with the VTuber group VShojo. She saw a massive rise in popularity at the start of the year and went on to become the first female on Twitch with the highest number of concurrent subscribers.

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