All changes in Warzone 2 Plunder: New events, unique rewards, and more

Plunder is returning with exciting changes (Image via Activision)
Plunder is returning with exciting changes (Image via Activision)

The third season of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is around the corner and is set to introduce various new additions including fresh game modes, weapons, 1v1 Gulag, skins, and much more. Plunder from Warzone 1 is also set to return to the battle royale in the upcoming season. However, it will not be exactly the same, as several changes have been confirmed.

Warzone 2 Plunder will have six new in-game events and tweaked Buy Stations


Various in-game events will take place randomly in Warzone 2 Plunder, which will force players to change their gameplay in order to receive better rewards, ultimately helping them win the match. These events, as per the official blog post, include:

  • Blood Money. Not just a Plunder variant! Double Cash is earned for eliminating and looting Operators during a Blood Money event.
  • Cannon Fodder. [[REDACTED]]
  • Heat. Blacksites and Strongholds pay out five times their usual reward. Weapons hot!
  • Contractor. [[REDACTED]]
  • Money Siphon. ATMs around the map pour out an endless Cash supply. Grab it before they are fixed!
  • Choke Hold. [[REDACTED]]

It has been confirmed that multiple events can take place in one match as well. However, complete details of the events have not been revealed. The patch notes for the season are scheduled to be released before the update goes live, which will most likely consist of all the necessary details.

Next, Buy Stations in Warzone 2 Plunder will have extra options, shaking up the mode. The Buy Stations will behave as usual in regular battle royale game modes, but with some added features, including:

  • Credit Card. Save more with the official Bank of Adal Quickscope Card, now with 10% Cashback on any and all purchases! No application or Ranked Skill Division Credit Score is necessary, just a small introductory Cash fee.
  • Life Insurance. Save 50% of your Cash on hand when eliminated by picking up Life Insurance for a small Cash fee.
  • Angel Investor. For little cash down, you can pick up a Top Secret Contract with enhanced payout multiplies for whatever task it presents, in addition to a free UAV.

Lastly, all Warzone 2 players will be eligible for unique rewards by completing various Plunder challenges that will be added to the game, such as winning matches and eliminating AI Combatants or enemy operators. This will reward them with vehicle camos, calling cards, and more.

Season 3 of Warzone 2 is set to launch on April 12 at 10 am PT on all platforms including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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