Bungie confirms that there will be no Destiny 2 secret missions anytime soon 

Destiny 2 Whisper mission (Image via Bungie)
Destiny 2 Whisper mission (Image via Bungie)

Secret and Exotic missions in Destiny 2 were the backbone of any level-design flex Bungie put out in the community. Players were always ready to dive deep to explore the most challenging jumping puzzles and enemies, no matter how insignificant a mission. Sadly, a recent Reddit AMA (ask me anything) confirms that the possibility of such a mission returning to the game is improbable.

Following the recent giveaway of the Telesto emblem and a brief interaction with the community, Bungie's heads of engineering David Aldridge and Ylan Salsbury, held an AMA on Reddit. They answered everyone's questions regarding Destiny 2's future.


One particular answer stood out the most when a user asked Bungie about the difficulties behind encrypting every single data to prevent data mining. It is safe to assume that the answer to that has been taken in many ways in the community.

Bungie claims that spending on encryption to solve Destiny 2 data mining is not worth the resources

Regarding Destiny 2 secret missions and encrypting them, Aldridge replied that they're expensive and time-consuming. Instead, the company is looking to spend its resources on more "cool experiences" in the future.

While it's understandable why Bungie doesn't want to spend everything on one particular mission, it also means that Whisper-like assignments are not coming anytime soon.

The question asked by a community member was as follows:

"How challenging is it to try to encrypt content in order to prevent datamining and attempt to make secret/surprise missions possible, is it something y'all are actively working on or has the team resigned to accept that dataminers will grab everything as soon as it's in the code?"

To this, David Aldridge replied by saying:

"Surprisingly challenging. We've dug into this pretty deeply a few times - several brilliant people here are passionate about it."
"Like most things, it's all solvable, it's just expensive, and so far we've concluded that it makes more sense to spend on more cool experiences instead."
"The main challenge is the web of connections between pieces of content."

Bungie's primary concern regarding the encryption of secret missions is that every piece of content will be attached to a single thread. For example, if the company encrypts the mission stages, it must reach out to weapons and audio files tied to it. Even then, there is a chance of the files leaking.

Later, Aldridge followed up with another answer, assuring that it was not the end of the world. While the question of encrypting files and bringing secret missions is not entirely off the table, Bungie has no current plans to release them due to Destiny 2 narrative twists in store for everyone.

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